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Where Even The Best Marriages Are Hard: In The Middle
EVERYONE WHO JUST GOT MARRIED is psyched about it. It’s a new adventure with their best friend. Everyone who has been married for 50 years or more is psyched about it. They’re living with their closest companion—it’s been a trip, totally worth it. B
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What you said about ... MAKING AMERICA NUCLEAR AGAIN After reading W.J. Hennigan’s Feb. 12 cover story on the world’s nuclear arms, Democratic Nevada Representative Dina Titus tweeted her worry that President Trump could be “rolling back the clock”
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When The Taps Run Dry
I KNEW WE WERE IN TROUBLE WHEN I found myself Googling dry composting toilets. That was on Feb. 1, just after the mayor’s office here in Cape Town announced new water restrictions. We are now limited to using 13 gallons of water per person per day. T