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The Annette Bening Method
IT’S 11 DAYS BEFORE the first preview of the Roundabout Theatre production of All My Sons when I sit down to talk with Annette Bening about her return to Broadway after 31 years, and she’s in kind of a gray area. Some actors are superintellectual; ot
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The Mckinsey Way To Save An Island
Since 2016, Puerto Rico has been buffeted by a natural disaster and several overlapping, man-made catastrophes. Its government is bankrupt and owes $74 billion to bondholders: a staggering sum that amounts to 99 percent of the island’s gross national
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All That Jazz and Then Some
FOSSE/VERDON FX. TUESDAYS. 10 P.M. IT’S HARD TO IMAGINE more delectable bait for fans of Broadway and Hollywood history than Fosse/Verdon. Based on the biography Fosse, by Sam Wasson, this eight-part FX miniseries isn’t content to dramatize the vol