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Deus Ex Westeros

Absurd plot twists. Unanswered questions. Could Game of Thrones go the way of Lost?
Source: Helen Sloan / HBO

This post contains spoilers through Season 7, Episode 6 of Game of Thrones.

Jon Snow is about to die. Again. This time, his imminent death is coming at the bony hands of the army of the dead: Jon, attacked by wights, has plunged into an icy lake. Torn at by zombies and closed in on by frigid waters, he seems to be done for. And, yet—here is a spoiler that, if you have been watching , will be not much of a spoiler at all—Jon survives. Maybe because he’s a really strong swimmer who is not at all weighed down by the layers of animal pelts he had donned specifically for their heft. Maybe because of the Targaryen fire that warms his blood. Maybe because his soul is buoyed by his growing romance with his

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