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Different kinds of alcohol might make you feel different emotions

And figuring out why and how could save lives.
a group of people toasting wine glasses

Are you feeling confident, or just sleepy?

Humans have been buddies with booze for thousands of years. Some scientists believe this love affair goes back even further. The so-called drunken monkey hypothesis speculates that our ancestors possessed an unusual knack for consuming ethanol without keeling over dead, allowing them to access the sweet, sweet caloric payloads of rotting, fermenting fruit. But we’ve come a long way from merely tolerating overripe apples. These days, alcohol factors into our social interactions, our most cherished cultural ceremonies, countless classic poems, songs, paintings, and plays. And save for some occasions when we sip an elixir to fulfill a religious rite, we drink alcohol for one main reason: it makes us feel good.

But does it make us feel? According to a in the British Medical Journal’s , different types of alcohol can actually inspire different emotional responses. Hard liquors

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