On Sept. 7, 1982, a young family and 4 teenage deckhands were found dead aboard the fishing boat Investor. Now, 35 years later, their families are still searching for answers
“I still get choked up,” says Brian Keown, brother of victim Jerome Keown, of the murders in the tiny fishing village of Craig, Alaska.

The killer moved in plain sight on that foggy September morning in the tiny southeast Alaska fishing village of Craig. Hours after shooting his eight victims with what police believe was a .22-cal. pistol or rifle, he fired up the engines on the 58-ft. fishing boat Investor, waving nonchalantly to a nearby skipper as he moved the vessel—with his victims aboard—to a secluded bay a mile outside of town and then motored back to the weather-beaten docks in Investor’s skiff. The next day, Sept. 7, 1982, he returned to the skiff with a can of gasoline and motored back to Investor, where he set the larger craft ablaze before speeding back to the docks and seemingly vanishing into thin air. “When I got there, black smoke was coming out of Investor’s wheelhouse, but there was nobody on deck,” recalls former Craig police chief Ray

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