TIME with: Impeachment crusader Tom Steyer

Steyer, one of the nation’s biggest donors, has flirted with running for office

IN THE PARKING GARAGE OF THE CALIFORNIA TENNIS CLUB in San Francisco, Tom Steyer opens the door of his Chevy Volt. The tiny hybrid vehicle is not a typical choice for a billionaire, but Steyer is an environmentalist who has spent vast sums to raise awareness about climate change. So the sandy-haired 60-year-old folds himself into the cramped backseat as an aide takes the wheel for the 30-mile drive to a speaking engagement in the town of Concord. Next to him is an anthology of Mary Oliver’s poems. As the car takes off, I ask if he knows that lovely line “Tell me, what is it you plan to do/ with your one wild and precious life?” Steyer smiles. “I believe I’ve used that statement a few hundred times,” he says.

What Steyer plans to do with

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