History of War


Author: Bernard Wilkin and René Wilkin Publisher: Pen & Sword Military Price: £19.99 Released: Out now

The experience of the common soldier has been of particular interest to historians since the ‘new military history’ movement of the 1970s. Previously, history had focused mainly on the generals and other high-ranking officers, while

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Author: Anthony King Publisher: Cambridge University Press Price: £19.99 In the wake of troubled campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, it can and has been argued that decision-making in Western armed forces is facing a crisis. This is reflected in the
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Although renowned for its iconic aviation scale models, in 2019 Airfix is due to release a new range of WWII tank kits. Collectors and modellers will now be able to re-create some of the most prolific machines of the war, including the Tiger I, Panth
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During the early 19th century, Spain found itself in a desperate War of Independence against Napoleonic France (1808-1814). But while this should have produced a broad sentiment of national unity, the reality was the exact opposite. When the French i