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How I came to hate The Big Bang Theory

It's a good thing the show is coming to an end.

Sitting on my bathroom throne, sleepily sifting through my notifications this morning (most of which were swiped into oblivion); I saw a news alert that screamed “The Big Bang Theory is coming to an end in May 2019”. I almost jumped with joy. Thankfully I remembered where I was. This was something I had been waiting for, for a while, and with almost vindictive glee, I tweeted it. But even as I did so, I did remember a simpler time when that show was something I almost loved.

In 2009, a junior from my school, who had recently moved to Delhi, introduced me to a sitcom he thought I’d like. Till then, my foray into the world of “English” television and sporadic episodes of . It was , a show about four socially inept “nerds”, their exploits and a tonne of “nerdy stuff”. I liked it. Not because I was a huge nerd — I mean I liked and science fiction and , and enjoyed a fair bit of video games, especially — but mostly because it was fun to see a show about people from the lower strata of the popularity food-chain, something that is not inhabited by nerds and geeks.

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