DOWNEAST CHARM complements an upturned peak only 3 feet 2 inches, the Hylas M44 is a cruise-anywhere craft. ¶ The M44 is built at Hylas’ Queen Long Marine yard in Taiwan, a well-known sailboat builder. It’s applying the same level of craftsmanship overhang shades most of the cockpit, and to its relatively new powerboat

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Nautical Dashboards
IF YOU’VE EVER CHARTERED A YACHT, OR IF YOU SUFFER FROM “10-foot-itis” and regularly upgrade your ride, then you can appreciate the headaches that can unfurl at an unfamiliar helm. Sure, somebody will give you a walk-through of the basics before you
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Ultimate Pour
ORIGINALLY, THE design plans for the 164-foot Endless Summer called for a crew pantry abaft the bridge. The owner thought that space might instead be ideal for stowing some of his favorite wines — 440 regular-size bottles and 60 magnums, to be exact.
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Money Well Spent
BUYING A NEW YACHT IS AN EXCITING, AND SOMETIMES COMPLICATED, PROCESS. IT’S HARD TO GET EVERYTHING AT THE HELM right on the first try, or to anticipate what kinds of electronics might come along next. That’s why planning for future refits is just as