Seven steps to success

dreams with all the passion and energy of an Olympic athlete, or are you setting limits — even subconsciously — on what you can achieve? “You have the power to transform your life,” says Tae Yun Kim, Ph.D., motivational speaker, martial arts grandmaster and author of (Mountain Tiger Press, 2018). “These steps are the foundation to finding and expressing the real you. No matter how that path progresses,

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Take The Challenge
This program challenges you to eliminate certain items from your diet for 10 days: sugar, artificial sweeteners, alcohol and processed grains. Eliminating these things will help break your bad habits, crush your cravings, reduce bloating, improve moo
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Never treat protein powder as a flour substitute because it will not react the same way chemically with the other recipe ingredients — especially whey protein. “Whey is a very unique type of protein,” Sward says. “It has a tendency to dry up your rec
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Warm Wishes
for me, summer cannot come fast enough, and despite the intractable winter weather in the Northeast, I stubbornly break out my flip-flops mid-April only to suffer through another six weeks of toe-numbing cold. In fact, at this writing — in April — it