Who Invented Fine Dining in America?

“We have not honored the masters of the culinary profession by keeping their memories,” writes University of South Carolina food historian David Shields in the introduction to his new book (The University of Chicago Press). “In a strange way, the memory of cooking has condensed around

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Test Kitchen
Teff, an ancient grain, is the basis of Ethiopia’s daily bread THE SOURNESS OF injera, Ethiopia’s fermented flatbread, balances the spice of the stewed meats and vegetables it’s typically used to scoop up (see “Around the Injera,” p. 92). It requires
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Go For The Gold
WHEN I FIRST MOVED OUT of my childhood home, only a week went by before I found myself craving my mother’s cooking. Specifically, I missed Persian rice with tahdig—the prized golden, crispy crust at the bottom of the rice pot. Rice is the crown jewel
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Objects of Our Obsession
IT STOPPED ME FOR A SECOND. On page 70 in this issue, Zurab Chkadua from the country of Georgia refers to cheese as a “God-given treasure.” You may very well agree, no explanation needed. But even if you don’t (yet), it’s hard not to admire that kind