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Marol is the greatest Italian shirtmaker you’ve never heard of. O.K., maybe you have heard of them — you’re a Rake reader, so chances are you’re pretty clued up on the sartorially obscure, smarter than the average #menswear bear. Most casual observers, however, will not be au fait with this Bologna-based shirtmaking house, established in 1959 by Rosanna Saguatti and her husband, Luciano, and helmed by the couple’s daughter, Manuela Vignudelli, since the founders’ passing several years ago.

Like her parents before her, Ms. Vignudelli has run Marol (its name an amalgamation of MA-nuela, RO-sanna and L-uciano) as a high-quality, small-scale atelier, employing a primarily female team of 30 crafting

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