History of War


Author: Max Hastings Publisher: William Collins Price: £30.00

As a piece of fiction, it would have been dismissed as an unworkable fantasy. 30 years of battlefield conflict, the

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History of War1 min read
Panzerartillerie Firepower For The Panzer Divisions
Author Thomas Anderson Publisher Osprey Publishing Price £30 As the German Army formed their new doctrine of mobile warfare based around fast moving armoured columns (Blitzkrieg) in the 1930s, it became clear that artillery was going to be a major p
History of War1 min read
Valley Of Tears
As the commander of one of Israel’s tank battalions during the four-day battle, Avigdor Kahalani’s book provides a unique blow-by-blow experience of the battle from his perspective, as well as the men under his command. Although first-hand accounts s
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D-day Tank Operations
Unusual tanks are developed by the British 79th Armoured Division for the planned invasion of Normandy. Based on Churchill or Sherman tanks, these armoured vehicles can – among other things – demolish concrete structures, fill trenches, lay matting a