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White-gloved waiters line up under the crystal chandeliers of the Queen’s Room, pristine white tea pots balanced on trays. The string quartet strikes up a waltz and, as one, the tea-bearers drift across the dance floor, fanning out into

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Signature Luxury Travel & Style3 min read
The Widows Of Champagne
By the early 19th century, champagne was still far from the drink we know today. It was sweet, foamy and often cloudy, and the carbon dioxide-filled bottles were prone to exploding. Champagne needed to modernise before it could become the world’s mos
Signature Luxury Travel & Style2 min read
Pens Of Distinction
On rue Quentin Beauchart, a side street off the Champs-Élysées, sits a little shop of golden wood and mystery. To stumble upon it, pen lover or not, is like wandering into a cave of hidden wonders that begs you to slow down and take in every detail o
Signature Luxury Travel & Style5 min read
Adventure Islands
With its cloud-topped peaks, hidden green valleys, lagoons and the sweet fragrance of the tiare flower, New Caledonia is the Pacific you’ve always imagined. There’s a charming mix of French and Melanesian culture: warm hospitality sitting beside Euro