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Brassicas, including kale, cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts, are magnets for cabbage white butterflies and their larvae. They can destroy entire crops. Regularly inspect the leaves and stems for these very hungry green caterpillars and squash any you spot along with their eggs, which may be found under the leaves. The best way to stop this caterpillar invasion is to drape fine white mesh over the crop. Keep it off the foliage with stakes to create a mini shade-house effect. Lift the cover to water and fertilise the plants, then put

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Citrus trees, particularly lemons, are among the most popular of all backyard fruits. This popularity is due to their heavy crops — which are known to be tasty, good for you and rich in vitamin C — as well as their adaptability to a wide range of cli
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Lamb & Rhubarb Khoresh
Khoresh is an exotic-sounding Iranian term for a stew, where a whole bunch of ingredients are gently cooked together in a pot to produce a delicious meal. For this one, I’ve made things even more exotic by including rhubarb, which is more often cooke
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The Blue Lily
Nobody admires the blue berries of Dianella more than the satin bowerbird. Before blue milk bottle tops and plastic pegs became common in the environment, the satin bowerbird used the berries to decorate his bower and attract females. A large bird wi