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Andre Hill

After school, I signed up for a hotel management course because a friend was doing it. I started working at the Commodore Hotel as a trainee. The first couple of months were hard. The chef was this big German guy who didn’t hold back. My first job was to clean the freezer with a blowtorch – they

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Woolworths TASTE2 min read
Baskets At Dawn
IF YOU READ my monthly ramblings you’ll know how much I treasure family traditions. I hoard rituals and happy memories the way I used to hoard Easter eggs as a child. I’d keep my stash in my wardrobe for weeks after the hunt – precious chocolate roos
Woolworths TASTE2 min readFood & Wine
Fire In The Belly
Do you order pork belly whenever you see it on a menu but are way too scared to cook it at home? We thought so. But here’s the thing: pork belly is really easy to get right – it just needs long, slow cooking. Score the fat and season the meat generou
Woolworths TASTE4 min readFood & Wine
Tips And Techniques For The Master Cook
What’s that mantra the MasterChef judges recite over and over again? “Flavour, flavour, flavour.” Take the time to char, sear and caramelise when cooking and you’ll never regret it. That crispy crust on a roast is the result of something called the M