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Things have quietened down to a crawl in my garden, and I’m betting it’s the same in yours. Autumn comes as a relief after a growing season spent zipping about to keep up with the weeding, watering and, of course, harvesting.

Among the crops that give so generously are the many types of fruit trees and bushes, along with cane fruits such as raspberries, blackberries and their hybrids. And when you work on a weight-picked-to-time-invested ratio, fruits are incredibly fruitful indeed! Year after year they bear their sweet rewards, and all they ask in return is a very modest effort from you – feeding the soil, removing weeds, keeping pests in check and mulching to keep their roots comfortable.

These selfless staples magnify your efforts tenfold, promising a sensational haul of fruits with just

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A basic mint is offered as seeds by a few seed companies, but is more often bought in as young plants. Most garden centres will sell spearmint also known as the common garden mint, but if you want a more unusual mint then you will need to try special
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July Tips
■ To make sure you have a fresh supply of mint through late summer and early autumn, take some tip-cuttings now from your existing plants and root them in small pots. Kept cool and moist, they root quickly and produce soft new growth for the rest of