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Visit for great things for your garden – biological controls such as Nemaslug, and nematodes to control vine weevils in your pots and planters, and leatherjackets and chafer grubs in your lawn. You’ll find some of Pippa’s favourite gardening products, including Rootrainers, jute garden netting, Haxnicks Easy

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Kitchen Garden6 min read
Oh So Sweet And Oh So Spicy!
Loganberries are a hybrid variety and a prolific cropper that will no doubt give you a glut to use up. Freshly picked berries can always be frozen for later use in the season or, as here, popped into a tasty pudding. Preparation time: 25 minutes Coo
Kitchen Garden2 min read
In The Greenhouse
As we enter July the polytunnel and greenhouse is starting to get very productive! Crops that we also grow outside are usually ready a month or so earlier when grown undercover, which helps to extend the supply of home-grown fresh vegetables from the
Kitchen Garden3 min readFood & Wine
Nave Your. Say
I read your article ‘Plastic is Not the Enemy’ (May issue) with great interest as last year I decided to have a ‘cull’! First I took the pots I had just purchased plants in from the garden centre back to them. What a waste of petrol (not environmenta