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The GardenSkill 250mm (10in) Raised Bed is a great addition to your garden. Made from quality, fully recycled material, it’s simple and quick to build, with no tools needed. Fully extendable by length and width with GardenSkill Extension Kits, it also features a

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Solar Power For The Garden Shed
Solar power has always been at the heart of gardening. Sunlight is, after all, the energy that makes our garden plants grow. In the last few years it has become very easy to convert that same sustainable energy into electricity and use it to light ou
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Gorgeous Gooseberries!
Fads and fashions are as much a part of gardening as they are many other areas of our lives. The most spectacular example is probably tulip mania – the period in the 1630s when tulips became so fashionable and sought after that single bulbs of a new
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Recommended Varieties
■ ‘CARELESS’ – Another heritage variety from the mid-1800s, producing heavy crops of light green fruit. ■ ‘LANGLEY GAGE’ – Bred in 1824, this is possibly the sweetest of all the dessert berries. Small, silvery-white fruit, absolutely delicious. ■ ‘LA