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The United Kingdom was my birthplace. I qualified as a veterinary surgeon and emigrated to Australia with a young family some 30 years ago. Now, with the family grown (and flown the nest), I live in the foothills north of Melbourne surrounded by a native and rural environment – very conducive to developing a second career as an artist specialising in wildlife.

I have always enjoyed art, but my family and a scientific career pushed it to the background until we made the ‘tree change’. I tentatively started on this art path with classes in oils at Monsalvat in the Tonal Realism school in the late ’80s; but I moved on to discover the joy of pastels – their brilliance, their intensity – and above all the ease of stopping and starting in my busy life and the speed in which

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Artist's Drawing and Inspiration2 min read
Softly Sketching
• 2H HB 2B 4B lead pencils• • Kneadable Paper eraser• Eraser• Blending stump• Tissue• Ruler• Divider• Sharpener Firstly, I softly rule up a grid and outline the features, then remove grid lines and use a divider to check measurements and a ruler to
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A Touch of Gold
For this demonstration, I chose to paint a scene of the Goulburn River, Seymour. Water is one of my favourite subjects. I obtained the reference material on a warm summer evening just as the sun was going down, and the mosquitoes were coming out! I t
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My Creative World
Though I’ve been drawing since I was a child, it’s only been recently that I’ve been able to invest myself in my art, as I’ve long hoped. As many self-taught artists find, mine has been a winding journey, driven by an undercurrent of passion, dedicat