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A true Queenslander, Lee Porter was born at Townsville in the sixties. As a child she lived in a variety of interesting places including Tindal (near Katherine in the Northern Territory), Sydney and Malaysia.

She completed her secondary education at Ipswich in Queensland, where art teacher Alan Kinna introduced her to many styles and forms of art and encouraged her to

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Australian How To Paint4 min read
Coastal Walk
I live within a stone’s throw of a pristine beach. Light, whether it be in the early morning or at dusk when everything is washed in a pinky glow, features in most of my current work in the seascape genre. I work ‘large’ to avoid unnecessary detail (
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St Michael’s Mount
First published in the UK’s The Artist magazine, April 2012 issue, available from” I began by roughly sketching the scene with the edge of an Artbar. I was able to cover large areas quickly and create sharp edges, which is
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Keeping on Dreaming
“I can’t imagine my life without painting, and my goal now is to keep on improving, and challenging myself in all facets of my life and most of all, to keep on dreaming.” I began painting when my eldest daughter was 18 months old. I felt I needed to