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for astronauts at Johnson Space Center. But there’s also another gym featuring the equipment modified for zero gravity that they’ll eventually use on the space station: a treadmill, spin bike, and exercise rack with a flywheel and pistons along with barbells and

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My First Mental Health Day
FULL DISCLOSURE: My approach to work was forged in the Hobbesian, hierarchical world of television news in the 1990s and 2000s. While my workplace—ABC News—has become immeasurably more humane in recent years, I nonetheless retain an unfortunate amoun
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Fascia the Truth!
FOR YEARS, scientists researching pain, movement, and recovery had no interest in the weblike tissue known as fascia, which coats your muscles, nerves, and organs. But things have changed. Researchers—and savvy trainers—now view fascia as your secret
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Bulletproof Your Back
THE BAD NEWS about lowerback pain and stiffness: It will probably worsen as you get older. If you don’t fix things early, what starts as a little lumbar soreness when you’re getting out of a chair can devolve into crippling pain in your later years.