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'The Prodigy' filmmakers play tricks with the tropes of evil-kid movies

LOS ANGELES - In the new horror movie "The Prodigy," out Friday, a mother's love is put to the test when her precocious young son begins to exhibit signs of an otherworldly possession.

Despite the spooky overtones, the mother-child dynamic at the heart of the film inspired scriptwriter Jeff Buhler's wife to organize a special screening for an unsuspecting audience.

"On opening weekend, she's organizing like 30 moms from my kid's school to go see this movie," said Buhler with a laugh. "She's telling them it's all about parenting and they're all excited to come. And then we'll be changing schools next year."

We're standing in front of the Tommy Doyle house from John Carpenter's 1978 genre classic "Halloween," a large but unremarkable Dutch Colonial just north of Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood and one of several spots

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