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2018 Eat Out Mercedes-benz Best Everyday Eateries
WINNER: Saint (p. 106) “Smooth as silk! Brilliant interior with kinetic visuals, knowledgeable staff and Stefano Ferrara wood-burning ovens. Cutting edge modern Italian fare and the best ingredients, beautifully presented.” – Erwin Lingenfelder, Eat
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Heaven On Earth
The latest venture of chef David Higgs and Gary Kyriacou takes shape in Saint, a crazy Italian concept restaurant and the jewel in the crown of Sandton’s trendy new shopping precinct, The MARC. The restaurant is a visual delight. The first thing you
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A Lasting Legacy
“It’s always wonderful to be involved in something that you feel passionate about, and food is my life: I live it, dream it and, quite literally, eat it.” These were the opening lines of Abigail Donnelly’s first-ever editor’s letter for Eat Out. But