Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. But what exactly is imagination?

Some say it is the ability to mentally imagine something – a memory, a picture of the

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Wild Pets
Tycho Brahe was an astronomer with some very eccentric habits. He was Danish and lived from1546 to 1601. He made some pretty wild discoveries including supernova, the death of certain types of stars. He was also very attached to a particular pet, a m
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The Crocodile Festival Of Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea, in the Pacific Ocean between Indonesia and Australia, is one of the most rural countries in the world. Scientists think that deep in the mountain forests there are as-yet undiscovered plant and animal species. There are very few pav
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Reader Reviews
BY SAMUEL J HALPIN Usborne h £6.99 REVIEW by Ossian, age eight This book is about a girl and a boy who decide to go out and face their fears solving a mystery of children going missing and not coming back. Poppy is a girl whose mother has died