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No/28 The Artof The Book
published by the Jack Lugg Art Gallery, R1 500 This is a biography of artist and art teacher Jack Lugg, who was the head of the East London Technical College Art School for 35 years. From his first exhibition at the age of 17, before he volunteered
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Natural Order
THIRTY years ago, when designer Anke Stegmann and her husband, civil engineer Johnny Cullum, bought a piece of open land on the slopes of Table Mountain, they were taken with its location in a glen. Situated between two rivers, the property offered v
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No/08 A Philosophical Approach
WHETHER it’s been residential projects, monasteries, museums, bridges or objects, John Pawson has spent more than 30 years championing simplicity in his work. Here, he highlights standout projects and shares how spatial themes continue to inform his