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Taken: 9 April 1980

Men of the 1st Battalion, Welsh Guards stand to attention on parade at Pirbright Barracks, alongside their corgi-terrier mascot

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Origins Of The Guardia Civil
During the early 19th century, Spain found itself in a desperate War of Independence against Napoleonic France (1808-1814). But while this should have produced a broad sentiment of national unity, the reality was the exact opposite. When the French i
History of War6 min read
Robert H. Mccard
Gunnery Sergeant Robert H. McCard was 25 years old, a fine example of the dedicated, rock-solid non-commissioned officers that were the backbone of the United States Marine Corps. McCard did not wait for his country to enter World War II to become a
History of War3 min read
D-day Tank Operations
Unusual tanks are developed by the British 79th Armoured Division for the planned invasion of Normandy. Based on Churchill or Sherman tanks, these armoured vehicles can – among other things – demolish concrete structures, fill trenches, lay matting a