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“There are many ways to cook pork belly. Some love the outside crackling crispy and crunchy, but this recipe is for a soft and sticky belly. You can achieve a crispy crackling by raising the temperature of the oven to maximum for 10 minutes at the end of the cooking period. I don’t do this, though, because it often burns the sugar in the honey and the final product may come out bitter. The quantities given here should be read as a rough guide. The reason for this is that each pork belly is different in size, weight and amount of meat and fat. So use your discretion. I used to tie the pork belly (called trussing) with thick string, but if you fold the belly correctly you won’t need to do this. It’s a bit of a schlep to untie once the belly is cooked.”

Serves 8



Preparation: 20 minutes, plus overnight marinating time

Cooking: 1 hour

pork belly 1 x 2 kg
garlic 2 cloves, crushed
fresh rosemary a handful
fresh thyme a handful
honey 2 cups
wholegrain mustard 1 cup
Dijon mustard 1 T
olive oil ¼ cup
hoisin sauce 2 T
teriyaki sauce 2 T
Maldon salt 1 t
crushed pepper 1 t
butter 125 g
frozen phyllo pastry 4 sheets, thawed

“Food is about connection. Africans are

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