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Our Favourites, Plus Some New Varieties To Try
■ KG writer Martin Fish says: “I like all carrots, but my favourite is ‘Amsterdam 2’ which I usually grow in pots in the polytunnel for a very early crop of sweet, tender roots.” ■ Practical gardener Joyce Russell says: “I have grown lots of variet
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With sales of veg seed exceeding that of flowers by some margin in the UK since 2007, it is increasingly clear that ‘grow your own’ enthusiasts like us are in the vanguard of a significant movement. It is interesting to speculate why. Food security i
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A Plot Less Ordinary
Do you tend your plot on your own? My partner Gavin helps and sometimes my grandchildren help a bit. Do you have an allotment or veg plot in your garden? Yes, we have two greenhouses and two polytunnels at home, roughly 26ft x 30ft. How long ha