Sea Birds


Because they look like toys – so pretty in their stripy bills and bright orange feet, so serious in the way they prance about their colonies like little gentlemen in tailcoats with faces like clowns – puffins are our favourite seabirds. But there is a lot more to a puffin than sweetness. All winter they are alone, out in the wilds of the Atlantic, some of them spending months much

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Kids’ Inventions
An eleven-year-old boy invented the Water Talkie – a way to talk underwater. On a family holiday to Hawaii, Richie Stachowski was surfing with his dad and was struck by how many beautiful things there were to see under the sea. But it wasn’t possible
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Solar Powered Pollution Sucking Robot Pigeon wins competition
Nearly 1,200 children from across the UK shared their ideas on how to make the world a better place as part of The Young Imagineers competition which aims to inspire children to bring fun and creativity to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (
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A Condensed History Of The Light Switch
If you have ever woken up from a lovely dream about lying on a bed of lettuce only to find a light switch where before there wasn’t one, or perhaps there was one in the middle of your kitchen floor, in the cat’s bed or at the bottom of your bath, the