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Australian Homespun4 min read
Beautiful BLOOM
• 10in square of solid white fabric • 10in square of light fusible stabiliser • Six squares, 2 1/2in of assorted pink print fabrics • Six iron-on 3/4in pentagon papers or one sheet of Hugs ’n Kisses appliqué paper or template plastic and stiff paper
Australian Homespun1 min read
My Castaway Creations
If I were stuck on a desert island and magically granted three crafting wishes, I would wish for: • Notepad and pencil – to sketch, draw what inspires me from my surroundings and see what designs come from the pencil meeting the paper. • Needle and t
Australian Homespun3 min read
• 36 squares, 10in of assorted print fabrics (blocks) – this project is ideal for using a Layer Cake • 2.1m (2 1/4yd) grey and white spot print fabric (background) • 55cm ( 5/8yd) black print fabric (binding) • 3.5m (3 3/4yd) backing fabric • Batti