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For many of us struggling with hectic day-to-day lives, sustaining a high-maintenance garden is out of the question. While we would all love a backyard resplendent with roses and seasonal greenery, gardening doesn’t always make its way to the top of our to-do lists.

The owners of this garden are no different, but that doesn’t mean they were ready to concrete over the entire space. They wanted

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Green Scene
Imagine the pure bliss of a luxurious soak in the tub while you’re surrounded by a seascape or leafy backdrop. A beautiful bathtub with a glorious view is the ultimate in indulgence. Whether it’s a luxury apartment or a freestanding home, the positio
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Top Of The Line
Few things can bring life into a room as much as natural light and open space. Increasingly, we are seeing homes that offer open floor plans where one space flows into the next and kitchen and entertaining areas become one. Gone are the days of close
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Brick By Brick
Set within a freshly minted residential estate, this project, dubbed Op9 House, encompasses a duo of dwellings: the main 350m2 house and the 75m2 “little brother” located discreetly at the property’s rear. The main home was designed to accommodate a