This 'Greatest Hits' Album Is Real. Its Artist Is Fiction

Laura Barnett wrote a novel about an aging singer-songwriter sizing up her life in 16 tracks. Then she approached musician Kathryn Williams, who created the book's original soundtrack.
Source: One Little Indian

Nearly a half-century ago, in the summer of 1971, the young singer-songwriter Cass Wheeler entered a studio in London to record "Common Ground." A wistful acoustic-guitar and piano-driven tune about her mother leaving to forge "a life to start living new," it was the first song she was proud to have written.

Now, in her 60s, Cass has assembled a compilation of meaningful songs from throughout her long career. She knew that "Common Ground" had to be the leadoff track.

The song and the album are real. Alas, Cass Wheeler is not.

Cass is a creation of Laura Barnett, a journalist and novelist,

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