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if youve played this game before, please participate silently so you dont spoil it for others.

you are one big team you cannot change your team size. every team member must touch each ball for it to count. as each ball is passed between team members, it must have air time, i.e. It must not be passed directly from hand to hand. you cannot pass the ball to the person immediately to your left or right. if you drop a ball, you cannot pick it up. there will be a penalty (points deducted) if you break any of the rules. every ball must end where it started. For each ball that does, the team scores 1 point. - See more at: 1. 1. 2. 3. Provide an overview of the game and the rules. Everyone is part of one big team. Each ball must have air-time. Each ball must be touched at least once by every team member.

4. Balls cannot be passed to your direct neighbour to your immediate left or right. 5. Each ball must return to the same person who introduced it into the system. 6. There are a total of five iterations. 2. Allow the team two minutes of preparation time to determine how they will organize themselves. 3. Get an estimate from the team of how many balls they can pass through the system. 4. Run a two-minute iteration. 5. Allow the team one minute to discuss how to improve the process. 6. Repeat for five iterations. Make the fifth iteration a challenge. If you need to, make up some ridiculous statistic such as The world record is 150 points. Can you beat that?