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Gonzalez 1 Deseree Gonzalez Professor Stephen Florian California State University of Northridge English 114 B 11 March 2014 Useful

Writing Tips The book, They Say I Say, written by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein is an informative writing to teach readers how to write a proper essay or any kind of writing assignment. Chapters four, five, six, and seven basically describe how to write the bodies of your paper. The information I learned from these chapters will help me make the necessary changes and additions I need to get closer to perfecting my Utopia essay. Chapter four is about the three different ways you can respond to another persons writing. The three different ways to respond are to agree, disagree, or both agree and disagree with another persons argument. This chapter is very useful because it shows templates you can use to help further your argument in a more formal and efficient manner. For example, I can use the template, Xs claim that ___ rests upon the questionable assumption that ___ to disagree with an author (60). This would be a perfect template to use for my Utopia essay because I do not agree with the ideals Thomas More uses to describe a perfect society in his book, Utopia. Chapter five gives informative information to show you how to differentiate what you say from what another person says in your writing. Graff and Birkenstein stress the importance of distinguishing your opinion from an authors opinion in this chapter because you wouldnt want your reader to get confused or not understand what you are or arent agreeing on. I personally like how they say that using the term I in your papers is not a bad thing. Although many people have taught us not to use I because it makes our papers seem less credible, using

Gonzalez 2 our own opinion actually makes our papers stronger. Graff and Birkenstein also say that using I think I believe I argue can also be monotonous, so mixing up different first-person phrases helps avoid I, I, I (73). A great template to use that was given in this chapter is, Anyone familiar with ___ should agree that ___ (73). This sentence helps you put your opinion in the statement and also states the obvious. The author stresses the importance of counterarguments, in chapter six. The make it clear that in order to make your paper stronger and more persuasive, the use of counterarguments comes very handy. When you write your persuasive paper and only show the reader one side of an argument, your paper would not be as credible as a paper with a counterargument. Showing a counterargument helps your credibility because you can then rebuttal against that counterargument which then makes your argument much more plausible. A great template I can use for my counterargument on my Utopia paper can be; Yet some readers may challenge my view by insisting that ___ (82). My Utopia paper needs a counterargument to make my paper more credible, and this chapter filled with templates to use can help improve my paper. Chapter seven has important information as well because it is crucial for the reader to know the importance of the paper and the purpose it has. I always assumed the reader should know why the paper is important and who would care about it, but like Graff and Birkenstein said, the readers dont always know and its necessary for you to state the specifics in the beginning. It is important because you want your reader to stay engaged and want to keep reading your paper and not get lost. Without answering the questions, So what? Who cares? your paper can seem boring and insignificant to read. This information is crucial for me to use because my paper may seem a bit tedious to read. The templates to answer these questions can have good use for my paper and I plan on using them as well. All of these chapters seem very

Gonzalez 3 important to read to understand because they give great advice on how to make your paper look better.