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Regions of North Carolina

Region: is an area of land with the same features.

Physical Features (vary from region to region)

Land Water Climate Plant Life

The Mountain Region

Located in the Western Region.

Some examples of mountain ranges that are located in the mountain region of North Carolina are:,--./.0P Blue Ridge Mountains reat Smo!" Mountains Mount Mitchell #$ighest Point east of the Mississippi Ri%er& Ri%ers can 'e found throughout the mountain region. Some examples include: Cata('a Ri%er #'ase of Mt. Mitchell& Little )ennessee Ri%er *rench Broad Ri%er

Lots of trees in the mountain region. 1xamples of some different t"pes: *ir #Christmas )ree& 2a! Maple Pine Birch

Wood is an important resource in this region. 3t is used in creation of furniture and house 'uilding.

4nimals of mountain regions: 5eer 'lac! 'ears *oxes Can "ou guess some animals located in the mountains6

)ourism: hi!ers7 clim'ers7 and %ie(ers.

The Piedmont Region

Located in the center of North Carolina.

8*oot of the Mountains9 Lots of hills Potter" is made out of the cla" that is found on most of the ground of the Piedmont region.

La!es and ri%ers can 'e located throughout the Piedmont region. 1xamples: La!e Norman La!e W"lie Ne( Ri%er 5eep Ri%er

Facts about the Piedmont Region:

)rees are located in the Western part of Piedmont region. 1xamples: pines7 oa!s7 cra'grass7 and more.

Smaller mammals and 'irds. 1xamples: ha(!s7 o(ls7 co"otes7 co(s7 chic!ens7 goats7 pigs7 and more.

Charlotte is located in the Piedmont region. 2ther 'ig cites are located in this region #Winston:Salem and Raleigh7 the capital&. Lots of ;o's< More people li%e in Piedmont than an" other region in N.C. )he (eather is %er" nice in North Carolina. 3t is !no(n for 'eing mostl" mild and sunn". )he (eather7 soil7 and landforms of the Piedmont ma!e faming and raising animals suita'le for this region.

5iscuss (ith one another a'out (h" "ou thin! people (ould choose to li%e in the Piedmont Region6

The Coastal Plain Region

Located in the 1astern part of N.C. and 'oarders the 4tlantic 2cean #$arcourt&.

Loo! at the picture and thin! a'out some of the ph"sical features "ou see.

The Coastal Plain Region

Ba": is a smaller 'od" of (ater that is partl" surrounded '" land.

Cape: is a point of land that stic!s out into (ater.

2uter Ban!s: miles of islands.

Facts about the Coastal Plain Region:

Lots of (etlands #s(amps& What !ind of animals do "ou thin! li%e in these (etlands6 *arming is popular in much of the Coastal Plain 'ecause the soil is rich. Crops that are gro(n in this region: Wheat Peanuts So"'eans Cotton )ourism *ishing ood for 1conom"


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