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Welcome to

Back to School Night!

2nd Grade
Bryant Woods Elementary

Welcome to Back to School Night

It is our goal to provide an environment where
students are supported and encouraged to strive
for academic achievement.
It is today we must create the world of the
~Eleanor Roosevelt

Meet the Teachers

Kelly Gardner, ELA/SS Teacher
Michelle Hinkley, Math/S/H Teacher
Alicia London, Math/S/H Swing Teacher
Carol McGinnis, ELA/SS Swing Teacher
Chris Podson, Para-Educator

We are privileged to work with some of Bryant

Woods best teachers.
Tracy Grahm, Special Education, Teacher
Patti Clark-Mullins, Special Education Teacher
Matt Henry, GT Mathematics
Kourtney Proctor & Tamar McCoy , Title I Teachers
Courtney Marshall, Adrienne Petty, & Kim Morales,
World Language Teachers

Nuts & Bolts of 2nd Grade:

Homework Standards
Read for 20 minutes each night
Vocabulary sheet completed & signed
Math Sheet completed and signed
Sign the agenda book
Late/Absent Policy

Nuts & Bolts of 2nd Grade:

Agenda Books/Friday Folders
Sent home each night
Go through materials with child every
Look for assignments that may require a
signature or need to be redone
Best form of communication
Track your childs grades and progress
Parents/Guardians will be informed of
unsatisfactory grades & behavior
through notes home and progress report

Nuts & Bolts of 2nd Grade:

Grading Scale:
I = Independent
W= With Assistance
N= Not apparent

Nuts & Bolts of 2nd Grade:

Wellness Policy
Peanut Allergies/Snacks
Many of our students and teachers are
highly sensitive to various foods.
We are asking all parents to think about
health hazards of certain foods when
sending in snacks to school or packing
We are encouraging Healthy snacks that
promote wellness policy

Nuts & Bolts of 2nd Grade:

School PBIS Program
Bear Standards are behavioral expectations
for all students. On our school campus, we
strive to:
Be Safe
Be Respectful
Be Ready to Learn
Students are consistently recognized for
positive behavior with:
Positive Phone Calls/Notes
Bear Bucks (BWES cash to purchase
tangible and non-tangible items from the
prize cart.)
Bear Bash

Nuts & Bolts of 2nd Grade:

School PBIS Program
Students who have difficulty following
the Bear Standards, receive
consequences for inappropriate
behavior noted in the agenda. Please see
the PBIS parent newsletter.

Bryant Woods is a
PBIS Gold banner school!!

Writing About Reading
Introduced as a Unit of Study in
Quarter One. This type of writing is
an integral component of daily
Many opportunities for journaling and
responding to text in writing in a
variety of formats will occur
throughout the year

Personal Narratives
Realistic Fiction
Letter of Opinion
Book Reviews
Research Report (Short Biography)
Procedural Writing (How To Book)

Key Ideas and Details
(Getting the Big Picture)
Craft and Structure
(Word Choice & Text Structure)
Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
(Multi-media, evaluate & argue claims, links
across texts)

A Powerful New Approach

Greek & Latin




Word Study

Assigned word lists
Little or no connection to
curricular areas or each
The weekly assignment:
Find and write a
definition for each word,
or Use each word in a
A test came at the end of
the week (rote

Word Study:
Word lists are organized
through meaningful roots or
Expand and deepen word
knowledge during content-area
The weekly assignment:
Meet the Root, Combine and
Create, Read and Reason,
Extend and Explore
Applied spelling and language
conventions tests

Social Studies

My Community
Lets Go Shopping
Communities Change
People in the Community

Parent Questions:
Questions we received:
How do we group our classes for Math and

How will we keep up with parent

How can parents volunteer?
How does dismissal work?

Thats All Folks!

Additional Questions???

Thank you for coming tonight.

We look forward to working with you this
~Team 2