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Serda Ceren Sağbaş (The Dust of Time)

Draft 1 / 03.12.2010

©Serda Ceren Sağbaş
COMD 210
20600069 - 3
Akşemsettin Cad. Işınlar Mah.
Yıldız Blokları A-3 blok
No:4 Yenimahalle/Ankara
(538) 578 70 97

high or low contrast helps to create places which are wanted to describe. . German. there are many different countries and places in the film and we see that places such as. Briefly. and Russia in different past times. lighting is generally simple but it gives quite sense of elegance. His frames which are through window of train are completely original. I interest especially two scenes. I want to focus on his cinematography which is used in The Dust of Time.The Dust of Time The film is directed by Theodoros Angelopoulos who is the one of the most influential directors. in the first we listen to music which is part of the film and music stops then a character says that music stops. we listen to music again and see orchestra which plays the music. Firstly. using of sound is really different. I am impressed the show of art department because the film is 2. For example. Lastly. Greece. He was born in Athens in 1935 and he has got an awarded and original filmography. France. Therefore. he prefers to use both color and black and white film and it helps to describe film within the film. Secondly. He has got an individual style and point of view and spectators can easily distinguish his films from others. Secondly. Another inspirational film of Angelopoulos is Eternity and a Day. Lastly. visual elements such as. we can say also editing gives time to use for thinking and interpretation. Italy. blur. Moreover.

historical at the same time irrelevant and contemporary. Finally. Versatility of story is supported by acting and the film arises. in dreams” I want to add my favorite dialogue from The Dust of Time. In addition to this. There are a number of good sub stories which support the main one. I want to focus on screenwriting of The Dust of Time.realistic. to choose places may be vital for the film because it makes the film both terrible and amazing. The dust of time is one of the amazing ones. Story is completely well built. “I am making up for not being able to touch you. Source: Catalogue of 21st Ankara International Film Festival .

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