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Capture Photography Festival Highlights Part 2: Tris

Vonna-Michell, Scott Massey, and Malcolm Levy

by Rhiannon Herbert
Recently shortlisted for the Turner

in a simple walk: a

Prize in 2014, Tris Vonna-Michell is

realizeddetournement that nods to the

enjoying some well-earned recognition

Situationists horror at utopian

for his compelling and unique work.


With the opening reception having

Also open as of the 23rd are the

kicked off on Thursday April 23rd,

Spectrum Studies works of

Vonna-Michells exhibition at the

Vancouver local Scott Massey, at the

consistently excellent Presentation

Wil Aballe Art Projects/WAAP space

House Gallery (333 Chesterfield Ave,

(105 1356 Frances Street). His work

North Vancouver) features slide

speaks to the geek-at-heart, and is as

projections, photographs and film that

visually active as it is intellectually

comprise his multi-disciplinary

curious. In what seems to be a natural

approach to story-telling.

continuation of the Spectrum Studies

The current exhibition, part of

works shown at the first Capture

Vancouvers 2015 Capture

Photography Festival in 2013, at the

Photography Festival, demonstrates a

same space. The festival literature

true connective wit in both use of

available describes the work as

media, and of ideas; linking historical

studies based on techniques and

research, possibly semi-fictive

themes he previously employed to

narratives and visual materials in ways

create the film, Light Adjustments

that simultaneously affirm, re-imagine,

(Centre of the Universe), 2014, which

and destabilize the notion of narrative,

premiered this past winter at the

as we accept it, in visual content.

Dazibao centre in Montreal, who

Drawing from personal realms and

specialize in showcasing experimental

sourced cultural samples, pieces

and contemporary image practice.

likeCapitol Complex, 2014, come off like

The works in Spectrum Studies are

a knowing remix and messing-up of

indeed spectral, in that they appear

linear routes taken in both a story, and

unearthly, and in their bearing slices of

the light spectrumthough comprised

work of Malcom Levy, titled Jdisches

of analogue landscape photography.

Krankenhaus Berlin and also currently

Technique and technology are heavy

installed at the Aballe space. Though

in this series, whose pieces contain

another narrative remix of sorts, the

several individuated exposures from

film itself is historically sourced from

one piece of film, while exploring the

archival footage of the Jewish Hospital

visible, greyscale, day-night, and ultra-

in Berlin and hospital secretary Hilde

infra spectrums. See the full work

Kahan, who worked through the

explanation, which is really necessary

Hospitals continued operation through

to appreciate the work, on the Capture

the Second World War and the


Holocaust. The exhibition features


additional, static visual works, along

with supporting documentation and
information for the hospital site,

Last yet not least to mention for the

history, along with an interview with

coming weeks is the photo and video


Capture Photography Festival ran from April 2-29, 2015, in various venues around

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