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Carter Smith Clayton Wolf
Executive Director Wildlife Division Director
Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept. Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.
4200 Smith School Rd. 4200 Smith School Rd.
Austin, TX 78744 Austin, TX 78744

Clay Roberts Misty Sumner
Natural Resource Specialist Natural Resource Specialist
Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept. Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.
109 S. Cockrell P.O. Box 3008
Alpine, TX 79830 Kent, TX 79855

Michael T. Pittman Ross Melinchuk
Trans-Pecos WMA’s Program Leader Deputy Executive Director, Natural Resources
Sierra Diablo Wildlife Management Area Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.
109 South Cockrell 4200 Smith School Rd.
Alpine, Texas 79830 Austin, TX 78744

Mitch Lockwood Clay Brewer
Big Game Program Director Manager of Wildlife
Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept. Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.
309 Sidney Baker South 114 Center Ave., Suite 300
Kerrville, TX 78028 Brownwood, TX 76801

Ruben Cantu
Wildlife Regional Director
Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.
3407-B South Chadbourne
San Angelo, TX 76904

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