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33. How many 34. What should I 35. Correct this 36.

things can you do? “I am sentence: “She

think of that
people like looking
always late.” asked me where
am I going.”

32. Complete the 31. Ask 5 30. What is the

sentence “If it questions opposite of ugly? 29.
rains tonight…” beginning with Go back 5
“How high…”

26. Make 3
27. What 5 28. What should I
25. beginning things are you not do? “My father
Go forward 3 allowed to do in a wants me to stop
with: “I like
spaces people who…” library? going to school.”

23. Ask 5
24. How often do questions 22. Say 2 things
you cook your beginning with “I about autumn.
own food? wonder if you 21.
could tell me…” Start
18. What should 20. Ask 5
17. What is the I do? “My 19. What 3 things questions
opposite of teacher are you afraid of? beginning with
expensive? always sleeps in “Have you
class.” ever…”

15. Do you
agree? “People
16. Give me the work better if 14. Ask 5
noun form of: they are paid questions 13
strong; weak; more.” beginning with Go forward 3
happy; long “How often…” spaces

10. What are 5 11. What 5 things 12. Say 2 words

qualities of a you could do as a related to:
9. good teacher? child, but can’t business; traffic;
Start do now? weather
again 7. What should I 5. If you saw a
do? “My policeman picking
neighbours are someone’s pocket,
8. Make 5 very noisy and I what would you
sentences can’t sleep.” 6. do?
beginning with “I Go back 3
would never…”

1. 2. Five adjectives 3. Ask your 4. Make 5

to describe the teacher five tag sentences
Start job of a
questions. beginning with
“If you don’t…”