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Session 18: Review for Final Exam

World History
Semester 1 – Review for Final Examination

Theme Key Words and Concepts

Early Civilizations – Prehistory Society Archaeology
Ancient Egypt Monotheism Polytheism Nomads
Fertile Crescent Pharaoh Hieroglyphics
Calligraphy Cuneiform Culture
Papyrus Specialization of Hammurabi’s Code
Labor of Law
Neanderthal Cro-Magnon Geologist
Homo Sapiens Rosetta Stone Artifact

Greek Influence Geography of City-States: Sparta Hellenic and

Greece & Athens Hellenistic
Parthenon Totalitarian Homer: Iliad &
Aristotle Socrates Plato
Alexander the Phillip Democracy
Helots Aristocracy

Rise and Fall of the Geography of Legal Concepts: Patricians

Roman Empire Rome Equal before the
Plebians Law, Innocent until Monarchy
proven guilty
Republic Empire Punic Wars
Forum Pax Romana Gladiators
Pantheon Concrete Twelve Tables
Tiber River Julius Caesar Augustus Caesar

Byzantium Byzantine Empire

Justinian’s Code
Eastern Orthodox
Roman Catholic Church

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Session 18: Review for Final Exam

Major World Buddhism Caste-System Reincarnation

Religions Nirvana Koran Torah
Four Noble Truths Eight Fold Path Five Pillars of
Moses Old Testament Christianity
Mohammad Siddharta Guatama
Geographic Origins Christianity Judaism
& Major Trends of: Hinduism Islam

Middle Ages Feudalism Fief Lord

Vassal Serf Knight
Code of Chivalry Castle Dark Ages
Charlemagne Joan of Arc Charter
William the Romanesque Gothic
Conqueror Architecture Architecture
Guild Apprentice King John
Crusades Black Death Monasteries
Clergy Hundred Years War of the Roses
Benedictine Monk Magna Carta

The Renaissance Heliocentric Theory Geocentric Theory Copernicus

Transformation from Galileo Kepler Potolemy
Medieval Thinking Astronomy Humanism Printing Press
Scientific Method Divine Comedy The Prince
Gutenberg Raphael Leonardo da
Machiavelli Vinci

Cause and Effects of Protestant 95 Theses Anglican Church

the Reformation Predestination Henry VIII Sale of Indulgence
Simony Excommunication Martin Luther
John Calvin Justification by

Meeting of World Mongol Empire Ghengis Kahn Marco Polo

Cultures: Cause and Great Wall Tinbuktu Ghana
Effects Mali Songhai Sahara Desert
Matrilineal Aztec Mayas

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