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Cbse Class 12 Board Papers

Cbse Class 12 Board Papers

BIOLOGY 1. Name two plants where seeds do not have endosperm? 2. Which plants part has given rise to following modifications:a) Spines of opuntia b) Pitcher of Nepenthes. 3. Why is leaf of Neem called unipinnately compound. 4. Differentiate between true fruit & false fruit. 5. Write the floral formula & draw the floral diagram of family Liliaceae. 6. Underground parts of a plant are not always roots justify the statement. 7. How would you differentiate leaflets of a compound leaf from simple leaves on a branch? Know More About :- Icse Question Papers 2011

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8. What is aestivation? What are its different types give examples. 9. Describe the sub- aerial modifications of stem. 10. Explain with examples. What are the different modifications of adventitious roots? 11. Name the tissue represented by jute fibres used for making ropes? 12. Why xylem & phloem are called complex tissues? 13. Name the types of wood in which vessels are absent. 14. What are the functions of tracheids. 15. What is stomatal apparatus ? Draw a well labelled diagram of stomata. 16. How can you identify a monocot stem and a dicot stem? Give reasons. 17. Differentiate between xylem & phloem 18. Draw a well labeled diagram of T.S. of monocot stem. 19. What is phellogen? What does it produce? 20. Describe the elements of xylem with the help of suitable diagram. 21. Distinguish between dicot root & monocot root. 22. Which organelle is responsible for increasing the surface area of absorption in a cell? How? 23. What is mesosome in a prokaryotic cell? Mention the function that it performs? Read More About :- Cbse Syllabus For Class 10

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