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Current lightweight weapon systems are designed to address very specific requirements. The threat set can be wide and varied from surface targets such as tanks or APCs to the new emerging air threats. It is recognised that a capability gap exists for a multi-role lightweight missile that can provide high lethality against the full spectrum of these potential targets. The Lightweight Multi-role Missile (LMM) system satisfies this capability gap.


Lightweight Multi-role Missile - A Family of Weapons

This guidance unit is contained within an optically stabilised mount which normally comprises Charged Coupled Device (CCD) and thermal cameras coupled with an automatic target tracker (ATT) and the missile laser guidance unit.hermetically sealed launch tube • 15 year shelf life THALES UK – Alanbrooke Road. precision strike missile. consists of a two stage motor. together with guidance electronics and a highly accurate control actuator system. BT6 9HB – Tel: +44 (0)28 9046 5200 . warhead and dual mode fuze. When the target is within range the operator selects ‘System On’ and presses the firing trigger. sealed in its canister. Belfast. wheeled and tracked vehicles. LMM guidance is provided via the optical tracker system fitted to the launch platform. The precision guidance and low collateral damage mean that LMM is optimised for operation in an urban . On target indication.PRECISION STRIKE LMM Lightweight Multi-role Missile LMM is a lightweight. © Thales 2012 Ref: LMMFamily_05_12 • Re-use opportunities MISSILE SPECIFICATIONS • Lightweight 13kg • Greater than Mach 1. FEATURES & BENEFITS • Multi-mode guidance • Proximity sensor modes • Warhead variants • Anti-armour variants • Technology exploitation potential • Modular approach to design THALES HAS A POLICY OF CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT AND IMPROVEMENT AND CONSEQUENTLY THE EQUIPMENT MAY VARY FROM THE DESCRIPTION AND SPECIFICATION IN THIS DOCUMENT. the weapon operator acquires the target in the display monitor. Castlereagh. GRAPHICS DO NOT INDICATE USE OR ENDORSEMENT OF THE FEATURED EQUIPMENT OR SERVICES. The missile is launched and guided automatically to the target. matched with the highly sensitive proximity fuze.Fax: +44 (0)28 9046 5201 – Web: www. This is achieved with low collateral damage which is essential in built-up and urban environments. The target set includes surface threats such as static installations. The ATT is directed onto the target by the operator and he engages the ATT. fast in-shore attack craft and UAV’s. assymetric threats. LMM possesses excellent lethality against conventional and asymmetric threats including APCs. because of the shaped charge coupled with the pre-fragmented blast warhead. The missile.thalesgroup. wheeled or tracked vehicles or fast in-shore naval craft. Throughout the engagement the operator has the executive ability to override the ATT by placing the system in manual guidance mode. APC’s. The fragmenting shaped charge warhead coupled with the laser proximity fuze provides excellent lethality against a wide range of targets. which has been designed to be fired from a variety of tactical platforms including helicopters. which locks a box around the threat. fixed or rotary winged Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). The missile has different guidance modes including laser beam riding and/or laser designation to ensure precision attack of targets with man-in-the-loop or automatic guidance.5 velocity • No launch recoil • Operational range out to 8 km • Maintenance free . THIS DOCUMENT MAY NOT BE CONSIDERED AS A CONTRACT SPECIFICATION.