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■ HEAD OFFICE 450, Gongdeok-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Korea 121-720 TEL : 82-2-707-7000 ■ R&D CENTER 183, Hogye-Dong, Dongan-Gu, Anyang-Shi, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea 431-080 TEL : 82-31-428-1000 ■ CHANGWON PLANT 454-2, Nae-Dong, Changwon-Shi, Gyeongsangnam-Do, Korea 641-712 TEL : 82-55-268-9114 ■ JOCHIWON PLANT 518, Yungi-ri, Nam-Myeon, Yungi-Gun, Chungnam, Korea 339-823 TEL. 82-41-860-3114

■ Switchgear Sales Team TEL : 82-2-707-6257~9 ■ CHANGWON PLANT Switchgear Design Team TEL : 82-55-268-9414~9

Power Systems PU Licensed by SIMOPRIME Medium-Voltage Switchgear .

Power Systems Performance Unit Licensed by SIEMENS Industrial Machinery Performance Unit Electric Motor Gear Reducer Generator Chemical Process Equipment Industrial Machinery Ropeway CNG Refill Station SIMOPRIME Control Panel UHV Power Transformer EHV Power Transformer Distribution Transformer Cast Resin Transformer Gas Circuit Breaker Gas Insulated Switchgear Welding Machine . It promises to continue its quest to provide value-added products that enhances industrial productivity while conserving both energy and environment for clients all over the world.Power & Industrial Systems Performance Group Hyosung Power Systems has been continuously enhancing customer’s value since it started its operations in 1962. technological innovation and reliable quality. Hyosung Power Systems has built strong customer relationships based on trust and respect over the years. With core values focused on customer-oriented management.

With the goal to become a Leading Global Energy Solution Provider. Hyosung will pave the way towards next-generation technology and green energy solutions.Power Systems Performance Unit Hyosung Power Systems strives to enhance the lives of people all over the world while conserving earth’s natural resources. CONTENTS 05 Main Features of SIMOPRIME 07 Specifications of SIMOPRIME 08 Structure of SIMOPRIME 10 Structure of SIMOPRIME by Type 12 Design 12 Standards 15 Control Panels of HYOSUNG .

no one would even be hurt. processes and manufacturing centres.SIMOPRIME SIMOPRIME Licensed by SIEMENS Medium-Voltage Switchgear SIMOPRIME can be freely used on GOST standard countries. The certification is valid to 6kV and 10kV systems ISO Certification Siemens has consistent quality standards for all products. If this failure happened in your SIMOPRIME. .

SIMOPRIME meets IAC (Internal Arc Class) AFLR against arc accidents Preventive test against internal Arc accidents provides customers with safety and reliability. and guarantees safety with perfectly earthed metallic partition. A B D C C D Circuit Breaker Compartment Busbar Compartment Cable Compartment LV Compartment Busbar Cable A B Metallic and earthed shutters and partitions Safe to touch Licensed by SIEMENS-SIMOPRIME 04/05 . Rear and Lateral (sides) SIMOPRIME is LSC2B-PM type in compliance with IEC 62271-200. ■Internal Arc Test ■ Guide internal arc to the top R ear Internal arc classified IAC A-FLR Accessibility type A . (authorized personnel) FLR . Front.Leading the World best Main Features of SIMOPRIME SIMOPRIME considers user safety as the top priority. SIMOPRIME provides power efficiency of main bus unit and cable unit for maintenance of breaker with the loss of service continuity category 2B.

and tested in the Reliability Center. •HYOSUNG OEM PT is designed in compliance with IEC 60044-2. ■New Sion Type ❶ Auxiliary Switch S1 ❷ ON Pushbutton ❸ OFF Pushbutton ❹ Switch Position Indicator ❺ 1st Shunt Release Y2 ❻ Operating Shaft for the Vacuum interrupters ❼ Closing Solenoid Y9 ❽ Closing Spring Charged / not Charged Indicator ❾ Operating Cycle Counter ❿ Closing Spring Position Switch Gear for Charging the Closing Spring Manually Rating Plate SIMOPRIME adopts HYOSUNG’s proprietary parts. •Different relays are applied in accordance with the characteristics of substations. •Various surge arresters proven in domestic/overseas sites are used to fulfill the needs of the clients. •HYOSUNG OEM CT is designed in compliance with IEC 60044-1. •Special arc detection relays fulfill the needs for high-quality racks. and provide perfect solutions based on HYOSUNG’s experience. High-quality HYOSUNG models developed for main parts Option digital relays ■Make-proof earthing S/W ■HYOSUNG OEM IEC-compliant CT ■ProPAC Series ■SIPROTEC ■HYOSUNG OEM IEC-compliant PT ■High-quality surge arrester ■Sepam Series ■REF Series •Earthing S/W is equipped with the 40kA making test inside the panel in compliance with IEC 62271-102. •Various types of digital relay are used to meet the demands of the clients. high-quality Siemens circuit breaker that requires minimum maintenance. and tested in the Reliability Center.SIMOPRIME Main Features of SIMOPRIME SIMOPRIME adopts long-life. .

2 1250 2500 3600 4000 1250 2500 31.5kA. Depth (T) : 1860 Licensed by SIEMENS-SIMOPRIME 06/07 .5kV 17.5 / 40 38 95 50 / 60 600 2200 1780 1860 Rated Voltage (kV) Rated Current (A) Rated Breaking Current (kA) Commercial Frequency Withstanding Voltage (kV) Surge Impulse (kV) Withstanding Voltage Frequency (Hz) Width (mm) 40kA only 800mm Height(mm) Front Rear Depth (mm) External shape *Wall standing type for minimum floor area Wall standing structure for minimum floor area Wall standing structure saves the maintenance cost as it requires minimum floor area in the electricity room.5 / 40 28 75 50 / 60 600 2200 1780 1860 SIMOPRIME 15kV 15 3600 31.5 / 40 35 95 50 / 60 600 2200 1780 1860 SIMOPRIME 17.5 / 40 20 75 50 / 60 600 2200 1780 1860 SIMOPRIME 12kV 12 3600 4000 1250 2500 31.5 4000 1250 2500 3600 4000 31. 3600 A Switch-disconnector-fuse panel 12kV 17.5kV Bus sectionalizer / circuit-breaker Panel ≤ 1250 A 2500 A. 3600 A Bus sectionalizer / bus riser panel ≤ 1250 A 3600 A Mertering panel Standard 40kA 800 800 800 800 800 800 800 800 800 800 800 1860 Depth T *31. Width (B) : 600/800mm. 3600 A Disconnector panel ≤ 1250 A 2500 A. •Reduced cost for building and maintenance of substation (only requires 150mm at the rear) •Minimum length of 150mm on the sides of SWGR •Dimensions Electricity Room layout (ceiling height ≥ 2800) For front cable connection Width B ■Minimum space required for SWGR BCircuit-breaker panel ≤ 1250 A 2500 A.Leading the World best Specifications of SIMOPRIME Item Model SIMOPRIME 7.2kV 7.

SIMOPRIME Structure of SIMOPRIME 7. ~ 3600A 1 2 13 3 14 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 17 18 24 15 16 23 22 11 12 19 20 21 1 Control (LV Compartment) 2 LV Door Lock 3 LPS (Option) 4 Circuit Breaker (CB Compartment) 5 Circuit Breaker Monitoring Window 6 Circuit Breaker Door Lock 7 Circuit Breaker Charging Lever Input Hole 8 Circuit Breaker On/Off Action Input Hole 9 Circuit Breaker Charging Lever Input Hole 10 Door Handle 11 Circuit Breaker Out Control Hole 12 Earthing Switch Handling Hole 13 Pressure Discharge 14 Busbar 15 Insulated Bushing 16 Supporting Insulator 17 Current Transformer 18 Earthing Switch 19 Cable 20 Voltage Transformer 21 Earthing Busbar 22 Circuit Breaker Control Connector 23 Vacuum Interrupter 24 CB Truck A B C D E CB Compartment Busbar Compartment Cable Compartment CB Truck LV compartment .5kV.2kV ~ 17. ~ 40kA.

optionally lockable or with electromagnetic interlock •Surge arresters or limiters •Surge arresters for protecting the switchgear against external overvoltages •Surge limiters for protecting consumers against switching overvoltages Interlock •Interlocking conditions are satisfied according to IEC 62271200 / VDE 0671-200 •Earthing switch can only be operated with circuit-breaker truck in test position •Circuit-breaker truck can only be moved with circuitbreaker “OPEN” and earthing switch “OPEN” •Mechanical coding on the circuit-breaker truck prevents insertion of similar circuitbreaker trucks for lower rated normal currents into panels with higher rated normal currents •nterlocking of high-voltage door against circuit-breaker truck •The high-voltage door can only be opened when the circuitbreaker truck is in test position •Option : Electromagnetic interlocks Low-voltage compartment •For accommodation of all protection. 3 x 1-pole •Fixed-mounted. bolted from panel to panel •For rated normal currents up to 3600 A •Option : Insulated busbars •Bolted rear and top covers provide tool-based access •Option : Coupling electrode for capacitive voltage detecting system •Option :Possibility of installing the following components •Voltage transformers •Busbar earthing switch • Current transformers in the run of busbars Connection compartment •Pressure relief upwards through rear pressure relief duct •Suitable for connection of •Single-core XLPE cables up to max.Leading the World best Switching-device compartment •All switching operations with high-voltage door closed •Pressure relief upwards •Panel powder-coated with epoxy resin •Shutter operating mechanisms separately for •Busbar compartment •Connection compartment •Metallic. measuring and metering equipment • Partitioned safe-to-touch from the high-voltage part •Low-voltage compartment can be removed. earthed shutters and partitions ensure partition class PM •High-voltage door pressure-resistant in the event of internal arcs in the panel •Metallic ducts on the side for laying control cables •Interlocking between high-voltage door and circuit-breaker truck ensures interlock-based access •Option : Test sockets for capacitive voltage detecting system •Switching-device compartment to accommodate components for implementing various panel versions with •Vacuum circuit-breaker with or without voltage transformers on the truck •Disconnector truck •Vacuum-contactor truck •Metering truck Busbar compartment •Pressure relief upwards and through rear pressure relief duct •Option : Busbar transverse partition between panels •Busbars made of flat copper. 6 x 500mm2 per phase •Three-core XLPE cables up to max. without primary fuses •Make-proof earthing switches •With manual operating mechanism •In addition to standard interlocking of switch/circuit-breaker truck. 3 x 300mm2 per panel •Bars made of flat copper with bushings in a floor cover or fully-insulated bars including floor cover •Shutters to be opened separately to permit cable testing •Earthing busbar •Connection from front or rear •Option : Pressure-resistant floor cover •Use of block-type current transformers •Bolted rear covers of the connection compartment provide tool-based access for panels with connection from rear •Option : Interlocked high-voltage door and bolted partitions between connection compartment and switching-device compartment provide interlock-based and tool-based access for panels with connection from front Components at the panel connection •Coupling electrode for capacitive voltage detecting system •Voltage transformers •Cast-resin insulated •Max. bus wires and control cables are plugged in •Option : Partition between panels Low-voltage cables •Control cables of the panel are flexible and have metallic covers •Connection of switching-device truck and panel wiring to low-voltage compartment via 64-pole coded plug connectors •Bus wires are pluggable from panel to panel Licensed by SIEMENS-SIMOPRIME 08/09 . control.



VDE 0671-200 •Use of vacuum circuit-breakers •Factory-assembled. according to IEC 62271-200.000 air-insulated switchgear panels from Siemens in operation world-wide •Use of metallic. earthed shutters and partitions. world-wide available components •Use of maintenance-free vacuum circuit-breakers •Quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001 •Design based on global best practice sharing and experience •More than 300. type-tested switchgear according to IEC 62271-200 •Type testing of the circuit-breaker inside the panel •Use of standard.SIMOPRIME Design Benefits and features Benefits Features •All switching operations including emergency manual operations with high-voltage door closed •Interlocking between high-voltage door and switching devices •Rack-in. earthed shutters and partitions between the compartments ensures highest loss of service continuity of the switchgear (LSC2B according to IEC 62271-200) during maintenance •Use of maintenance-free vacuum circuit-breakers •Use of maintenance-free vacuum circuit-breakers Saves lives Peace of Mind Increases Productivity Saves Money Standards Standards The switchgear complies with the relevant standards and specifications applicable at the time of type tests and conform to the IEC standard. ■ Overview of standards IEC standard Switchgear SIMOPRIME Circuit-breaker Vacuum contactor Disconnector and earthing switch HV HRC fuses Voltage detecting systems Current transformer Voltage transformer IEC 62271-1 IEC 62271-200 IEC 62271-100 IEC 60470 IEC 62271-102 IEC 60282 IEC 61243-5 IEC 60529 IEC 60071 IEC 60044-1 IEC 60044-2 IEC 61936-1 VDE standard VDE 0671-1 VDE 0671-200 VDE 0671-100 VDE 0670-501 VDE 0671-102 VDE 0670-4 VDE 0682-415 VDE 0470-1 VDE 0111 VDE 0414-1 VDE 0414-2 VDE 0101 EN standard EN 62271-1 EN 62271-200 EN 62271-100 EN 60470 EN 62271-102 EN 60282 EN 61243-5 EN 60529 EN 60071 EN 60044-1 EN 60044-2 - Devices Degree of ProtectionInsulation Instrument Transformers Voltage Installation . partition class: PM (metallic partition) •Internal arc tested design up to 40 kA. rack-out operations of the circuit-breaker truck with high-voltage door closed •Metallic. 1 s.

For site altitudes above 1000 m.75kV rated lightning impulse withstand voltage . Instead.12kV switchgear rated voltage . It results from the multiplication of the rated insulation level for 0 to 1000 m with the altitude correction factor Ka. to be selected for site altitudes>1000m Altitude correction factor ≥Rated short-duration power-frequency withstand voltage up tow1000m·Ka •Rated lightning impulse withstand volt.5 •Rated short-duration power-frequency withstand voltage (rms value) Across isolating distances (kV) Between phases and to earth (kV) 23 20 32 28 39 35 45 38 •Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak value) Across isolating distances (kV) Between phases and to earth (kV) 70 60 85 75 105 95 110 95 Altitude correction factor (Ka) •Rated short-dur. the altitude correction factor Ka is recommended. Table .Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage to be selected : 75 kV· 1. •For site altitudes above 1000 m (above sea level) the standards do not provide any guidelines for the insulation rating. Access is restricted to authorized personnel and persons who have been properly instructed in electrical engineering. This reduction is permitted up to a site altitude of 1000 m according to IEC and VDE. 11g/m3 humidity in accordance with IEC 60071 / VDE 0111) •The dielectric strength decreases with increasing altitude.1800msite altitude above sea level . to be selected for site altitudes > 1000m ≥Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage up tow1000m ·Ka (Example) .5 Rated voltage (rms value) (kV) 7. •Site altitude . Licensed by SIEMENS-SIMOPRIME 12/13 . depending on the actual site altitude above sea level.Dielectric strength Rated voltage (rms value) (kV) 7. withstand volt.As the altitude increases. •Outside lockable electrical service locations at places which are not accessible to the public. * For site altitudes above 1000m. Dielectric strength •The dielectric strength is verified by testing the switchgear with rated values of short duration power-frequency withstand voltage and lightning impulse withstand voltage according to IEC 62271-1 / VDE 0671-1 (see table “Dielectric strength”) •The rated values are referred to sea level and to normal atmospheric conditions (1013 hPa. a higher insulation level must be selected.10 = 82.5 kV Site altitude in m above sea level(m) Result According to the above table. power-freq.2 12 15 17. •Untrained or unskilled persons may only enter under the supervision of authorized personnel or properly instructed persons. a switchgear for a rated voltage of 17. special arrangements apply to these altitudes.2 12 15 17. 20 °C. the dielectric strength in air decreases due to the decreasing air density. • Inside lockable electrical service locations.5kV is to be selected. . Enclosures of switchgear can only be removed with tools. A lockable electrical service location is a place outdoors or indoors that is reserved exclusively for housing electrical equipment and which is kept under lock and key.Leading the World best Type of service location The switchgear can be used for indoor installation in accordance with IEC 61936 (Power installations exceeding 1 kV AC) and VDE 0101.

Criterion 4 Horizontal and vertical indicators do no ignite due to the effect of hot gases. .Criterion 5 The enclosure remains connected to its earthing point. Projection of small parts up to an individual mass of 60g are accepted.Criterion 3 Arcing does not cause holes in the accessible sides up to a height of 2m. . IP 5X (protection against solid foreign bodies) IP X1.Criterion 1 Correctly secured doors and covers do not open. subject to possible additional measures.3K5 *The climate classes are classified according to IEC 60721-3-3. •To attain the maximum rated normal currents. IP X2 (protection against ingress of water) . Climate and environmental influences The switchgear may be used.Small animals •Climate classes . .SIMOPRIME Standards Terms “Make-proof earthing switches” are earthing switches with short-circuit making capacity according to •IEC 62271-102 •VDE 0671-102 / EN 62271-102 Internal arc classification •Protection of operating personnel by means of tests for verifying the internal arc classification •Internal arcing tests must be performed in accordance with IEC 62271-200 / VDE 0671-200 •The switchgear complies with criteria 1 to 5 specified in the mentioned standards for the basic version up to 40kA.Enclosure: IP 4X.Maximum of 24-hourmean + 35°C . •Definitions of the criteria: . .Criterion 2 No fragmentation of the enclosure.Compartments: IP 2X (protection against solid foreign bodies) •Higher degree of protection for enclosure on request .Maximum + 40°C •The current-carrying capacity of the panels and busbars depends on the ambient air temperature outside the enclosure. electric shock and ingress of water •According to IEC 62271-200 / IEC 60529 / VDE 0470-1 / VDE 0671-200 SIMOPRIME switchgear fulfills the following degrees of protection.Chemically active pollutants . under the following environmental influences and climate classes: •Environmental influences .Natural foreign materials . . Protection against solid foreign bodies. Limited deformations are accepted. the panels are provided with natural or forced ventilation. Current-carrying capacity •According to IEC 62271-1 / VDE 0671-1 and IEC 62271-200 / VDE 0671-200 current-carrying capacities refer to the following ambient air temperatures: .3K3 .

25. IPB is applied to the bus with the rated voltage of 36kV or lower and the rated current of 5. The isolated phase bus technology prevents short-circuit and the surface grounding provides high stability of the system. buildings and factories. from the front panel while the door is closed. IPB is designed for high current.Leading the World best Control Panels of HYOSUNG ProGIS(C-GIS) ProSWGR Metal Clad Switchgear Low Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgear Advanced MV GIS with maximum reliability and stability. critical equipment or large capacity power plants. The switchgear supports system operations. and minimum installation surface has been developed based on abundant experiences and technical capabilities acquired through contracts with many domestic / overseas clients. providing performance and reliability. easy to installation & maintenance.000~50.8kV SIS Spot Network System Licensed by SIEMENS- SIMOPRIME 25. substations. such as circuit breaking and monitoring. The model adopts dual buses for uninterrupted expansion and maintenance. It will provide the motor’s status supervision. Medium-Voltage Switchgear HYOSUNG-SIEMENS' high-voltage switchgear is designed based on Siemens' quality. Low Voltage Switchgear will provide safe power distribution with handy operation. Supervisory & Control Panel will provide the easy to operation protection and control of power system by humane facto application. ProSWGR is a metal-clad type standard high-voltage switchgear with inner spaces completely separated by partitions. Metal Clad Switchgear is selfdesigned and developed by HYOSUNG and have the high reliability & performance. Spot Network System will eliminate the care about a power interruption and will provide the optimized installation area. Licensed by SIEMENS-SIMOPRIME 14/15 . Metal Enclosed Bus is a good method for main bus application in power plants. Motor Control Center Supervisory & Control Panel IPB (Isolated Phase Bus) NSPB(Non Segregated Phase Bus) Motor Control Center is designed with operator’s safety and easy to handling.8kV SIS is an environment-friendly product using epoxy solid insulation technology instead of SF6 gas.000A.