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Coimbatore-32 Department of Computer Science & Engineering SYLLABUS
Faculty Name Degree & Branch Subject Name : : : S.V.M.G.BAVITHIRAJA B.E. C.S.E. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 9 Semester Year : : VII IV

UNIT I Introduction and Problem Solving I

Artificial Intelligence: Definition-Turing Test-Relation with other Disciplines-History of AI ApplicationsAgent: Intelligent Agent-Rational Agent - Nature of Environments- Structure of Agent.-Problem Solving Agent - Problems: Toy Problems and Real-world Problems-Uninformed Search Strategies: BFS, DFS, DLS, IDS, Bidirectional Search - comparison of uninformed search strategies. UNIT II Problem Solving II: 9

Informed Search Strategies-Greedy best-first search-A* search-Heuristic functions- Local search Algorithms and Optimization problems - Online Search Agent-Constraint Satisfaction ProblemsBacktracking Search for CSP’s –Local Search for Constraint Satisfaction Problems-Structure of Problems Adversarial Search-Optimal Decision in Games-Alpha-Beta Pruning-Imperfect Real Time DecisionsGames that Include an Element of Chance. UNIT III Knowledge Representation 9

First-Order Logic-Syntax and Semantics of First-Order-Logic-Using First-Order-Logic- Knowledge Engineering in First-Order-Logic.- Inference in First-Order-Logic- Inference rules-Unification and LiftingForward Chaining-Backward Chaining-Resolution. UNIT IV Learning 9

Learning from Observations- Forms of Learning-Learning Decision –Ensemble Learning - A Logical Formulation of Learning-Knowledge in Learning-Explanation Based Learning-Learning using Relevance Information-Inductive Logic Programming. UNIT V Applications 9

Communication –Communication as action -A formal grammar for a fragment of English – Syntactic Analysis – Augmented Grammars – Semantic Interpretation – Ambiguity and Disambiguation – Discourse Understanding – Grammar Induction. Perception –Image Formation –Early Image Processing Operations – Extracting Three Dimensional Information – Object Recognition – Using Vision for Manipulation and Navigation. Total: 45

“Artificial Intelligence: A new Synthesis”. “Artificial Intelligence – A Modern Approach”.TEXT BOOKS: 1. 2003. “Artificial Intelligence”. Nils J. Tata McGraw. 2nd Edition. Ltd. Harcourt Asia Pvt. “Artificial Intelligence”.Hill. Pearson Education / Prentice Hall of India 2010(yet to be published). Patrick Henry Winston. Elaine Rich and Kevin Knight. 3rd Edition. 2. Peter Norvig. Pearson Education / PHI. Nilsson. 2004 . 2. REFERENCES: 1. Stuart Russell. 2003.

modify. Implement a relocating loader. 4. Implement a single pass assembler. sentence. after the loading has taken place) . 8. output the snap shot of the main memory as it would be.S. Implement pass one of a two pass assembler. 9. Implement a macro processor. Implement pass one of a direct-linking loader. (For loader exercises.BAVITHIRAJA B. search. 3. word. Implement an absolute loader.M. and display. 5. Implement pass two of a direct-linking loader. insert.HINDUSTHAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Coimbatore-32 Department of Computer Science & Engineering SYLLABUS Faculty Name Degree & Branch Subject Name : : : S.G.E. Implement pass two of a two pass assembler. 7.V. C. Implement a symbol table with functions to create. SYSTEM SOFTWARE Semester Year : : VII IV (Using C or C++) 1. Implement a simple text editor with features like insertion / deletion of a character. 2. 6. 10.E.