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GEOGRAPHICAL / Introduce geography and The Cardamom Mountains of Aerial footage swoop
HISTORICAL history pre-outsider Southwest Cambodia is one of the
INTRODUCTION of encroachment. most biological diverse regions in Map / graphic of Cardamoms
CARDAMOMS [Cambodia / Southeast Asia], indicating relative position in
containing many animals and plants Cambodia - and on Earth
that are found nowhere else on Earth.
[Describe specific geographies, which
regiojns are the Cardamoms]
Old stella, maps, artists
For thousands of years [we*] [Note renderings, etc of the
potential use of 1st person as potential communities, animals, fauna
Unify disparate communities device to create unity/empathy] the
Cardamom Mountains have been home
to many groups of people: the Por, the,
[other groups and communities].

It is said that even the Kings of Angkor

sought the spice named Cardamom,
which is still harvested today and which Cardamom harvest; shots of
gives the Cardamoms their name Cardamom drying, being
[smooth syntax] processed.
Historical Angkor link =
pride in region For many, many years, the people and
the forest and the mountain lived
together in harmony: the people taking
only what they needed to live, using the
forest for [ building shelters/houses?]
and collecting medicines and food
Establish the noumenal during the dry season. [etc]
pristine condition which
existed before outsiders and The rains fell on the mountain as
before forest/environment always, the water feeding the forest,
degradation due to misuse, the rain becoming streams which fed
etc rivers.

The great back of the mountains,

including Cambodia's highest peak, Mt
Aural, form an important watershed
which feeds the Tonle Sap, which in
turn feed the fisheries which support
Inaccesibility established millions of Cambodians all around the

The region remained largely free of

outsiders for a long time. Images of WATER; streams,
rain, rivers, rivers feeding the
Tonle Sap.

Early explorers were rare, making their

way through the thick jungle on
elephant [refer to first French explorer,

Possible recreation of Elephant

and explorer(s) sweating their
way through the thick forest.

Establish few outsiders For years after these early explorers, Archival Stills from turn of
venturing in because of poor few ventured into the Cardamoms. century through KR times:
development, infrastructure, montage, dissolves showing
etc. Roads were primitive and they would change but no progress into the
disappear with each wet season. Very forest.
often, the only way into the forest was
on foot.

In this way, few outsiders ventured in

the forest, and the Cardamoms
remained relatively undisturbed.
War / upheaval which
sealed area to outsiders
Pol Pot KR time = further During and after the time of Pol Pot, the KR times; archival stills; roads
isolations and inability to Cardamom region was further isolated growing over; minefield signs;
enter & exploit the forest due to the effects of War and conflict. signs and indications of War.
and region Although many people died, the War
also sealed the Cardamoms to most

For decades, the Cardamoms

remained inaccessible. [mention
fighting / destruction inside
Cardamoms, slaughter of
INTRODUCTION OF THE Outsiders coming; logging Today, with peace and development Images of peace: handshakes,
THREAT TO LIVLIHOODS roads and trucks; continuing in Cambodia, the door to the smiling diplomats shaking hands.
Cardamom's has been opened for the
first time.

Roads have been built, [concessions Roads being built / heavy trucks
granted?]and the forest is being traveling on a major logging
logged. road.

With the arrival of outsiders, brought to

the region by its economic potential, Elephant dragging log? [for
the traditional uses of the forest are elephant visual tie-in]
being overlooked.

Animals are being hunted for sale to

dealers; trees are being felled for sale Small trail dissolves to major
to foreign markets. logging road.

The logging roads are making it easier

to travel deep into the forest, where the
Disruption of forest and ways of life have remained largely
previous way of life. undisturbed for countless centuries--
until now. Wildlife, pelts, turtle shells for
sale; grisly image of some
In [name first long list of communities] revered animal being tosses into
the ways of life are threatened. a truck, etc

Indeed, if the great watershed of the

Mountain should fail, the lives of
millions of Cambodians will be affected. Botum Sakor Watershed,
mangrove images; shots of fish
If we do nothing, if we do not live in a in Markets in Phnom Penh
careful way, if we do not work to
protect our last reminaing resource, the
Mountain and forests will be lost

Already, some of the effects are being

felt. The people who live in the
Cardamoms, [second list of commune Concerned/
names] will have no way to make a Concerned faces of articulate
living. communities, crying babies spokesperson:
"already we have
noticed a decline in
Millions of Cambodians will suffer from Steaming, dark mysterious the forest. The
diminished fish supplies if the vital mountain (not happy upbeat weather patterns
Cardamom watershed is ruined by images) have changed;
overlogging and poor management. there is less now
than there was
The Cardamoms are vital to our before."
livelihoods--but what can we do? [poss Burnt/smoldering forest, logs
third person?] being hauled.

Slow questionable fade to black

amongst the apocalyptic images
of ruin

THE REMEDY (via the Establish REMEDY Aerial footage; images of healthy
establishment of sustainable SECTION flora / fauna, and montage of
livelihood ethic) people doing productive
sustainable activities

Transition back to upbeat tone



Remedy#1: Sustainable For many years, there we not so many Images of people arriving;
Agriculture people living in our Cardamom images of slash and burn /
Mountains; [list / recite third set of traditional farming.
commune names here].
Show former ways: slash
and burn and its effect on When more people arrived, however,
livlihood we found that our traditional ways of
farming, were not as useful as they had Show harm to forest. SAMKOS
been: [describe how slash and burn is LAND ENCROACHEMENT
no longer a serviceable method]

We found we had to burn more forest

to make our farms; but by burning the
forest without time to allow it to regrow,
as in the old ways, we were losing
more and more forest.

We didn't realize it at the time, but by

burning too much forest to make our
farms, we were driving away important
animals which made their homes there:
[list the animals]

We were also slowly reducing the

places i where we could find medicines Superimpose animal images
and food, which we needed in lean over burning footage.
Footage of animals running
away, or moving away from
camera (from zoo)

Show sick people = lack of

medicines; show people
harvesting plants, etc from forest
Introduce Sustainable But there is another way…a new way Swoop via aerial and graphic Introduce head of
Agriculture Program Map to Sovanna Baitong Village sustainable
program; testimony
ala, "we have been
doing this program
for --- years, and
we have increased
our quality of life,
while protecting the
forest resources,

Various villagers
learning about the
program; coverage
of villagers working
Introduce new land titling the sustainable
program. methods;

Villager: the
Another part of this new way of dealing program works
with the land involves land titling: the because…now we
dream of many Cambodians, to own have…"
and care for their own land, safe from
outsiders… Land titling
program. Montage
of happy / positive
people receiving
titles, working their
own land.

Show some evidence of this:

having cleared the land for
outsiders, the worker sits in
All too often, outsiders hire us if we abject poverty, or leans on a
need the money to clear land. We fence, watching others work the
don't realize that it's illegal, or that it's land.
hurting the forest.

We don't realize that, by taking a small Staged/ recreated?: Boss hires a

amount of money now, we are hurting gang to clear the land. They get
ourselves and our children very much paid a trifling amount, while the
over the long term boss vanishes in his landrover.

How does this help us, the people of

[list more commune names] The
Cardamom's are vital for our
livelihoods, and one of the things we
must do now is to take care of our land
and forests more attentively than ever
before…after all, the land and her
plants, animals, and spirits have taken
care us for countless years.
THE FORESTS & FOREST For many of us, the forest is a vital Images of fishing, nets, people
LIVLIHOODS source of food, medicine, and ways to gathering in the forest, finding
make money during lean times… herbs, medicines.

It is also a place where many kinds of Samkos: Link Biodiversity and

animals make their homes; some of Livlihoods
them are not found in any other forest
on the planet.
Images of animals endemic to
the region: Elephants, crocodile,
birds...prefer rare bird also only
found in Cardamoms

In the ways of the past, we could

usually find what we needed in the Show "normal" use of animals if
forest; if we needed food, we could possible to show hunting, if not,
hunt or fish. then fishing, dried meat for
personal use.
Map of Cardamoms with the
SWEC indicated; BRoll of
elephants on the march (if
Animals, such as our great elephant, possible)
could freely pass from along their
natural range without being disturbed.

But now, with the opening of the forest

and the coming of outsiders , we're
finding more and more people who do Animal products, hides, pelts,
not care about the old ways and etc. Animals caught in traps.
traditions. Some people hunt not for
food, but to sell the animal to
Hunters, elders talk
about the animals
Some hunt for trophies or --- they have noticed
If we do not pay careful attention to the of the indiscriminate
animals around us, and the forest Sad elders; people without food; / trophy hunter.
where they make our homes, they will trophy hunters (if possible)
one day vanish.

Already, the [rhino] and other animals

have disappeared. There is no way to
bring them back.

What can we do? What can we do,

people of [list more commune names]
Show Ministry of Environment / Interview with
Ranger team in action; show ranger team
them busting a poacher, who's members:
being led away in disgrace.
History of program,
success rate; their
advise for the local
speaking directly to

Here in (Samkos) these rangers protect Staged / recreation: villager

the forest from poachers and rogue talking to a ranger about
hunters. something urgen tin the forest.

But we, the people of [list more

commune names] can also be involved Ranger apprehends the poacher
too. The forest sustains our animals; / hunter.
our animals sustain us. Hunting and
fishing must be done carefully.
[carefully? How best to phrase]

We are the eyes of the forest, and the Forestry Group
eyes of the Cardamoms as well. We Community forestry group Members:
have to be: the mountains and the forming, getting together;
animals in it are our livelihoods, community forestry group on "we have been in
patrol this program for ----
-- months/years,
and so far we've
done _________.

"I's been very

effective in helping
to protect thi\e area.
Previously, I had
not been involved.
But it is not hard to
get involved, and I
know I'm helping to
save the land and
forest for all of us..


To show that while ethics Before it is too late for our Cardamoms,
and behaviors must change, we need to do some things in a new
people do not need to way. But this doesn't mean we have to
discard their old belief lose our traditions…. Some speaking in
systems. O'SOM material, introduce Por indigenous
Indigenous group. language by Por

The Kings of Angkor sought Cardamom Recreation of Kings of Angkor

from the Por community a long time
ago; the Por continue many of their old
ways from that time. Show Cardamom harvest. More
traditional activities.

But they are also doing some things in

a new way Siamese Crocodile Sanctuary
Interview with
Crocodile Farm
Foreign researchers visiting the Participants:

Coverage of sanctuary CU
crocs, etc;
These Siamese crocodiles are "We are successful
extremely rare outside of Cambodia. here because…the
number of Crocs
has grown from
Although it is very bad luck to kill a
crocodile, or any other animal when not
needed for food, they are often killed
for [reasons] by [outsiders?] or by
people who do not know better.

Images of crocs being handled,

taken care of. Baby crocs, older
ones being released.

Only in the Cardamoms are measures

being taken to protect them from
extinction-- and so they are a true
treasure of Cambodia, with many
foreign researchers traveling from
around the world to view them.

By acting in a new way towards their

forests, plants, and animals, these
villagers are taking steps to ensure that
all their forest and wildlife is treated Staged/ reconstruction: poacher
more carefully. [logic? -trying to or villager "raises a gun at the
preempt any thought ala "what does a croc" as if to shoot it for fun. He
crocidle matter?] thinks better and lowers his rifle.
Map graphic which crosses out
dead crocs and replaces with
So these crocodiles will not go the way healthy live ones.
of the Rhino -- to extinction -- due to
the efforts of the Cardomom community
members themselves.

FURTHER STRATEGIES: Show what else can be People of {more commune names], Aerial Swoop over forest leads
Healthy People / Healthy done/is being done, there was a time when there were us to…
Forests approaches to take fewer people here, when the
Cardamoms gave our modest
communities all we needed.
People (incl outsiders) arriving
But now there are many more people, en masse, with greater VILLAGER: Our
including many more outsiders. frequency. forest is gone: now
I have no way to
When we have more people on less collect medicine /
land, we have more suffering. resin, and no way
to make a living.
Many of us have also experienced the
effects of the loss of the forest, and the Show people lined up, poss
loss of land.. large families, living in squalor,
REMEDY One part of our new way is to manage
ourselves and our families more Population Repro
carefully--and to pay more attention to Health Center in
the demands we are placing on our Show smaller but happier, more Thma Bang
land and forest by making some robust family [?!]
adjustments. [wording?]

Interview with Staff

/ testimony of

More people =
greater impact on
limited resources
Another new way to manage our
resources is to learn new methods of CHNOB Pig Bank animal bank;
raising our own animals, so that we can rehabilitation of rice paddies.
reduce our need for more forest
BANK Participant:


Productivity has
Images, coverage of Pigs Bank, increased….I rely
Staff and activities at the Bank. less on the forest
than I did before
[isn't this the aim of
this section?]

Staff description of
how it works.

My neighbor told
me about the Pig
Bank, and I decided
to try it. I'm very
happy with the way
things have worked
Map / Graphic of Cardamoms as
smaller part of Cambodia, which
People of [more names], it does is in turn a small part of a bigger
sometimes seem that the forest goes world.
on forever. Unfortunately, this is not the

Now that we can see that the Aerial swoop transition

Cardamom's are not limitless, we must
also learn to live within our own means.

CONCLUSION Conclude and Wrapup The Cardamom Mountains region is More coverage of fishing,
vital for our livelihoods. The people of collecting, general use of
[remaining commune names] and Cardamoms.
others rely upon the forest, the plants
and the animals within to sustain Various shots of animals (still or
themselves. footage) in their habitats.

But now, things are changing. More People arriving, building new
and more people are calling the houses.
Cardamoms their home.

Logging trucks hauling logs.

We must do some things in a new way

if we are to continue our livelihoods.

We must manage our land and forests

more carefully than ever before;
knowing, for instance that it is illegal to Staged/recreated: Big Boss
take land without a title offers Riel to a villager to clear
land; villager thinks and shakes
his head, "no".

Other villagers gather behind the

first and slap him on the back in
thanks. Boss departs.

Graphic of Map, aerial swoop

We know now that the Cardamoms are
not without an end. The mountains
reach the sea, and meet with cities
which are far from here -- but not so far
that more people will not come

Move from destructive hunting

and poaching images to
productive sustainable
techniques, ala the Siamese
crocs, the Pig Bank.
We need to do some things in a new
way in order to protect our resources,
our plants and animals. Images of plants and animals,
incl elephants roaming through
their range in the SWEC

SLOW MO of Villager turning

away from Riel and walking onto
rich range of land before him.

We need to change our [unethical

practices], because the greater value is
the forest and mountain which will feed
us and our children for a long, long

Happy family planning center.

We need to manage ourselves and our
own behavior as well: [euphamism for
family planning, improve?]the more
people we have in our communities,
the more demands will be placed upon
our shared resources.
Communities organizing to be
rangers, to report poachers, etc.
Young boy and girl with ranger
uniform (does this exist?)

People of [commune names], and

everyone else who lives in the
Cardamom range, whether fisher or Final swoop: children sitting in
hunter or farmer, whether old or young, the village, then ascending with
everyone is able to help with this helicopter to aerial view, dissolve
important task of maintaining the to swoop

End Credits
Our livelihoods depend on it!