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By Rick Heizman, San Francisco, Nov 2013

The jihad in Thailand is brutal, vicious, relentless, and yet we hear very little about it in the media. Thailands' Muslim minority is primarily in the southern tip of Thailand. There are attacks, bombings and killings nearly everyday by the Muslims against the Thai Buddhists. Over 5000 Thai Buddhists have been killed in the last 8-9 years. Favored targets are: schools, teachers, civil servants, Buddhist monks, women, kids, and more. On October 28th, 2013, a bomb squad police officer - Sergeant Nimit Deewong, 35, was severely wounded trying to defuse a bomb, and two other Thai bomb squad officers died at the scene. The bomb was planted in a road, and was to be remotely detonated by a cell phone when a favored target would go over it. But the bombers have been getting more evil and used a technique that they are doing almost regularly now - they planted a 2nd bomb nearby and detonated it while the bomb squad was dealing with the 1st bomb. Sometimes they plant a 3rd bomb nearby as well. Sergeant Nimit Deewong was rushed to the intensive care room of Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Hospital (mostly Muslim staff) but died a short time after arrival.

Then, a photo appeared on Facebook - Two Muslim nurses had their photo taken while smiling and flashing the 'V' sign with their fingers OVER THE DEAD BODY OF POLICE SERGEANT NIMIT DEEWONG WHO HAD JUST RISKED HIS LIFE TO SAVE OTHERS. What does the 'V' sign mean? 'Victory', 'Peace' (as in 'this is what we think is good and right') and, 'look at me/us having a good time!

The nurses' celebration of the police officer's death at the hands of Muslim terrorists raises very legitimate questions about whether the Muslim hospital staff really tried to save the Buddhist officer's life. It even raises questions about whether any Muslim staff member did anything to end the officer's life. A fellow officer gives a stark reminder of the reality of the job: "Life is uncertain. Every time I leave my house to defuse a bomb, I tell my wife and son to come to terms with what might happen to me in the future." said Pol Sub Lt Sayobmarn Maitreechorn, chief of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) squad of the 44th Border Patrol Police (BPP) Division based in Yala. One of the two officers killed, Pol Sub Lt Darb Chaen, in an interview before his death bravely said, "This is our home. If we do not do it, who will do it for us? I am dedicated to my job because I want to see peace in the three southern provinces. This is my home town and I want everyone to live in peace like they did before." He was dedicated to his dangerous job, and had defused between 200-300 bombs in the deep South. That brings up the question - Why do the Muslims of southern Thailand have to plant so many bombs? And, celebrate the killings of the bombs?

Here are the Muslim Terrorist Attacks in Southern Thailand

for only the 2 months of March and April, 2013
3/1 Five schoolchildren are among the casualties of a 'Muslim separatist' motorcycle bomb. 3/2 Muslims kill two people with a bomb hidden in a motorcycle. 3/4 Muslim gunmen knock a 37-year-old off his motorcycle and then shoot him in the head. 3/6 Muslim gunmen murder a 42-year-old man in front of his home. 3/8 A child is wounded when Muslim 'insurgents' spray gunfire towards a playground. 3/10 A 50-year-old villager is gunned down by Muslim terrorists outside a mosque. 3/10 A 52-year-old woman is shot in the head by Islamic 'insurgents' while returning from a trip to the market. 3/14 Muslim 'insurgents' shoot a 45-year-old villager to death. 3/15 Four local police die from a bomb planted by Muslim 'separatists'. 3/16 Muslim 'separatists' shoot a 37-year-old twice in the head. 3/17 A 64-year-old Buddhist is shot in the head by Muslim 'separatists'. 3/18 Two middle-aged villagers are shot dead by Muslim gunmen in separate attacks. 3/18 Muslim 'insurgents' tie a 42-year-old's hands behind him then execute him by shooting him several times in the head. 3/19 Muslim militants shoot a 56-year-old father to death as he is going to visit his daughter. 3/21 An 8-year-old boy standing outside an ice cream shop is blown to pieces by Muslim bomber terrorist. 3/22 A Muslim 'separatist' executes a villager by shooting him at close range in the head, at a bird-singing event. 3/23 Muslim gunmen on motorcycles murder a 46-year-old local official on his way to work. 3/24 A man is killed and his wife injured when Islamic 'separatists' fire on them as they are working on their farm. 3/25 A Buddhist woman is murdered by Muslim 'separatists'. 3/28 Muslim terrorists kill three local soldiers with a bomb. 3/29 Islamic 'separatists' murder a 75-year-old plantation worker and severely injure his son. 3/29 Muslim 'separatists' kill one person with a bomb.

3/29 A 59-year-old man is wounded by two bullets - to the head and his torso. 3/30 A Muslim-made motorcycle bomb leaves two dead. 3/31 A brutal double-bombing in a commercial hub leaves at least nine shoppers dead and over one-hundred injured. 3/31 A Muslim terrorist bombing at a hotel ignites a fire that kills 5 and injures over 300. 4/2 Muslims abduct a local soldier from his home, blindfold and execute him behind a mosque. 4/2 Two Buddhists are shot to death by Muslim terrorists while sitting in their pickup truck. 4/3 Muslim-made bomb kills a passenger on a bus. 4/5 Muslim insurgents fire into a Buddhist owned car repair shop, killing the owner and seriously injuring his son. 4/5 Muslim-made bomb kills two people and puts another person into a coma. 4/7 Muslim militants behead a Buddhist plantation worker. 4/7 Two local soldiers are knocked off their motorcycle by Muslim militants, who then execute them at point-blank range. 4/10 Muslim 'insurgents' bomb a Buddhist community center, killing two people. 4/12 Muslim militants machine-gun a 46-year man on his way home. 4/12 Three villagers, including a woman, are shot dead by Muslim separatists. 4/16 Muslim terrorists kill a local soldier with a bomb. 4/18 A Buddhist man working in his vegetable garden is shot to death by Muslim 'insurgents'. 4/19 A man is shot to death in his car by militant Muslims outside a rubber plantation. 4/19 Muslim 'insurgents' shoot a Buddhist resident to death as he is walking home. 4/21 A 49-year-old Buddhist woman is gunned down in a targeted attack by Muslim militants. 4/22 Two Buddhist sisters are shot by suspected Muslim 'separatists'. 4/23 A bomb, planted by terrorists on a bridge, ultimately takes the lives of three security personnel. 4/25 Two middle-aged men are machine-gunned in their pickup truck by Muslim militants. AND THAT IS JUST 2 MONTHS OF TERROR AND HORROR IN SOUTHERN THAILAND! IS THIS SCENARIO SIMILAR TO ANYTHING NEARBY? RAKHINE STATE, BURMA? IS THE OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) going to demand that the Muslims stop the relentless killings of Buddhists, and that the world should punish those Pattani Muslims? IS INDONESIA GOING TO DECLARE JIHAD AGAINST THE PATTANI MUSLIMS? IS HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH GOING TO SUPPORT THE BUDDHISTS? ARE THE DO-GOODER ACTIVISTS IN USA, AND EUROPE (especially those who are adamant about supporting the Rohingya) GOING TO CONDEMN THE PATTANI MUSLIMS FOR SLAUGHTERING THE BUDDHISTS, AND FOR ETHNIC CLEANSING?

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