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Far Eastern University Institute of Arts and Sciences Department of Political Science Course Code Course Title Course

Credit : : : Rizal Rizal Course !one " Units

Course Prere uisite:

Course Description: A factual and critical study on the life, works and writings of Dr. Jose Rizal focused on the analysis of his intellectual, political and moral legacies and their relevance and validity to contemporary society. Course #$%ectives: At the end of the course, the students are expected to: . gain knowledge and have a critical overview of the !th century "hilippines during the #panish colonial regime$ %. identify, evaluate and fully appreciate the role of Dr. Jose Rizal in the making of the "hilippine history and in the development of the &ilipino national consciousness$ '. form an outlook, a character and an orientation necessary to live out the ideals, values and nationalism of the &ilipino national heroes$ (. develop a working nationalism and values for good citizenship and relive the intellectual, political and moral legacies of the national hero$ and, ). appreciate, im*i*e and apply the ideals of Dr. Jose Rizal and other national heroes *earing in mind the significance of today+s age of infotech and pop culture.

values and nationalism and develop convictions towards social /xile.&ee' . "hilosophy and :deology. #tudy the relevance of messages and develop working nationalism =ravel. environment to Rizal+s 9alues. #ocial Responsi*ility "atriotism 5astery =est =ake home exams .' %. "oems and 1ovels :dentifying individual roles in nation *uilding Develop sa sense of nationalism and advocacy 0ognitive 5apping #ong analysis @=he :mpossi*le DreamA &ilm #howing 0lass De*ate . training and ideas . character and an orientation to live out the idealism.ecture &orum &ree writing 9aluing education. "osition "aper Reaction "aper 2uiz #pecial "roCect %. =raining and "ropaganda Activities . society and 0ulture Relate family. =rial and /xecution #ocial Responsi*ility &iled =rip /xhi*its 3se of community Resource Discovery approach 9olunteerism.iterary works: /ssays. -idterm Period >ave a critical view of and appreciate role in the nation+s history.) 678 (earnin) #$%ectives Preliminary Period -now and *e familiar with the provisions of the Rizal .aw Competency /xploring the provision of the law 0ritical understanding of the historical past Strate)ies 0olla*orative .! B. Content*Focal Pts+ Rizal . ( Final Period &orm an outlook. 3nderstand the impact of #panish regime on "hilippine 4overnment.ove of country and advocacy for goodness 2uiz.iography :dentification of correspondence and relationships &actstorming<e* or #emantic <e* Discussion Data retrieval 0hart to categorize in =>2 ?.alues Evaluative -easures 2uizzes and "ractical /xams 0omparative Analysis 1ationalism 0olla*orative search for facts and team analysis /mulating Rizal+s ideals !th 0entury "hilippines Rizal+s . /ducation.earning 0oncept 5apping 4roup Discussion .

Rizal+s . &ernandez Jose @ !!)A.Te. =he Rizal.opez. 2uezon 0ity: J50 "ress.t$oo': Romero. Am*eth @%BBBA. Austin @ !!)A. Austin @ ! Jose Rizal. 1ilo Dcampo. &ilipino Doctor and "atriot.ookstore . :nc. >ongkong: Dxford 3niversity "ress 0oates. Rizal and the Development of 1ational 0onsciousness.. Renato. :nc. =he &irst &ilipino. et. 2uezon 0ity: 3" "ress 0onstantino. Rizal <ithout the Dvercoat.aron. . JoaEuin. 1ick @ !!)A. .al. Rizal 5aka*ayan at 5artir. et. <orks and <ritings of the 4reatest 5alayan. al. De la 0osta. "asig Anvil "u*lishing. 9eneration <ithout 3nderstanding 0opino. :nc 4uerrero. <orks and <ritings: =heir :mpact on our 1ational :dentity. 2uezon 0ity: >is4o "hilippines Dcampo. 5anila: 1ational 0entennial :nstitute 0onstantino.ife. : F ::.. Renato @ A 9eneration <ithout 3nderstanding /radin) System: . "hilippine 1ationalist and 5artyr. :nc. @ !!?A.. Rizal in #aga.eon 5a @ !!8A. 2uezon 0ity: 1eotek "u*lishing References: 0oates. :nc. >oracio @ !!%A. 5anila: Rex "rinting 0o.lumentritt 0orrespondence @ !!%A 9ol. 5akati 0ity: .ife. 5anila: 1ational . Readings in "hilippine >istory. @%BB8A Rizal: . 5anila: 0apitol "u*lishing >ouse. trans. et.ookmark. @%BB!A.

...............#tandard &/3 4rading #ystem @B *aseA "assing score G 6BH Distri*ution: 2uizzes )BH Recitation 'BH AssignmentsI"roCects %BH ..... 0lass #tanding BBH 0omputation: @% @0lass #tandingA J "relim /xamsAI' G Prelim /rade @% @0lass #tandingA J 5idterm /xamsAI' G 5idterm Average @%@5idterm AverageAJ "relim 4radeAI' G -idterm /rade @% @0lass #tandingA J &inal /xamsAI' G &inal Average @%@&inal AverageAJ 5idterm 4radeAI' G Final /rade ....................