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5 STAR FRANCHISE APPLICATION PROCESS Step 1 Completion Of the Franchise Application Form

Step 2

Completion of Application Requirements

1-5 days

Step 3

Inspection Fee Payment

Step 4

Location Evaluation
4-6 weeks

Step 5

Initial Interview

Step 6

Final Interview

Step 7 Payment of the Franchise Package, Franchise Sales & Operations Orientation , Sales Crew Orientation and Contract Signing

1 week

Step 8 Completion of Documentary Requirements & Technical Inspection of the approved location
2-3 weeks

Step 9

Booth / Outlet Construction

Step 10

Ingress of booth & products

1 day after completion Of steps 8 & 9

Step 11

Business Operation & Sales Crew Training

1 day after Ingress

Step 12

Daily Sales Monitoring

Step 13

Operations Evaluation Meeting

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I. Completion Of the Franchise Application Form The applicant must accomplish the Franchise Application Form. The Form may be sent to the applicant via email or may be acquired in the administration office. Submit the accomplished form in the office. II. Completion of Application Requirements 1. Letter of Intent 2. Detailed Sketch Map (kindly highlight the landmarks) 3. Pictures of the Location 4. Detailed Instructions for Commuters (on how to get to the proposed location) 5. Monthly Rental 6. Floor Plan (for commercial establishments) 7. Resume Once all the requirements are submitted, the applicant will be given a control number for every valid application. *Note: All the above-mentioned documents must be submitted. Incomplete requirements will not be given a control number; hence the application will not progress. Valid applications will undergo an initial screening. At this stage, previously denied locations or those that are no longer available will be screened out. Applicants will be informed accordingly through e-mail/SMS/telephone call. Time Frame: Results will be released within 1-5 days from the assignment of the control number.


Inspection Fee Payment After passing the initial screening, the applicants will receive a confirmation message through e-mail, SMS and a telephone call from one of our representatives to ensure that the results are conveyed properly and in a timely manner. Applicants must settle the inspection fee for every valid application within 5 days from the date of our confirmation, otherwise the location being applied for will be cancelled and shall be made available should an applicant applies for it. Inspection Fees: Metro Manila outlets Provincial outlets Payment Options: Cash Payment Online Payment Php 500.00/location Php 1,000.00/location

drop by our office to settle the payment BDO A. Mabini Caloocan Branch 5 Star Franchise Specialist Corporation 2390130425 Savings Account

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For Online payments, kindly e-mail/fax/personally submit the deposit slips immediately so we may process the application accordingly. We will acknowledge your deposit through e-mail/ SMS/phone call. Once the deposit is acknowledged, the application will be endorsed for ocular inspection. At this point, we will change your control numbers. The applications control number will be terminated. You will be given an Ocular Inspection control number to signify that your application has succeeded onto the next level. Time frame: within the day that deposit slips are acknowledged. IV. Location Evaluation The applications are now scheduled for a series of ocular inspections. This stage takes the longest time because each location will be assessed thoroughly. Official results of the ocular inspection will be sent through mail/e-mail whichever is applicable. Applicants whose application/s passed this stage shall be given a schedule for an initial interview. Time frame: 4-6 weeks from the issuance of Ocular Inspection control number. V. Initial Interview The applicants will be assessed in terms of personal and business management capacity. Time Frame: 3-5 days from the date of the approval of location. VI. Final Interview The applicants will be interviewed by the Board. VIII. Payment of the Franchise Package, Franchise Sales & Operations Orientation and Contract Signing If the applicant passed the final interview, he/she will be given a 1-day schedule to settle the franchise package. During the same day, we will conduct the Franchise Sales & Operations orientation with the franchisee, operations orientation with the sales crews and Contract Signing. We will issue a checklist of requirements as pre-requisites for outlet operation. IX. Completion of documentary requirements for business operation & Technical Inspection of the approved location The applicant must secure all the documentary requirements. Incomplete documents will delay the outlet operations. While the franchisee is completing the requirements, we will conduct the technical inspection of the approved location. We will determine physical and aesthetic plans for the outlet. Time Frame: Ideally, documents must be completed in 1-2 weeks. The longer the documents take time to complete, the longer this stage will be.

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Booth / Outlet Construction After the technical inspection, we will inform the franchisees if their locations would require customization. For customized outlets: For regular booths: If both parties agreed to the plan, construction shall start immediately. Construction will start right after the technical inspection.

Booth construction will push through even if the documentary requirements are not yet completed. Time Frame: 2-5 days for regular booths 1-2 weeks for customized outlets (depending on the range of customization)

XI. Ingress of booth and products The booth and products will be installed and delivered in the location. The ingress will be scheduled once all documentary requirements are met. Time Frame: XII. 3-5 days after the completion of requirements.

Business operation and sales crew training Store operations will commence a day right after the Ingress. A sales & operations representative will be designated in the outlet to train the sales crew for 3 consecutive days.


Daily Sales Monitoring Operations Evaluation Meeting After the three consecutive months of operations, the franchisee will be called in for a meeting to evaluate the outlet performance.

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